Destiny 2 Iron Pain & Iron Joy in Banana, Season of the Splicer

As usual, I started this season’s Iron Banner, a level-enabled “end game” PvP mode in Freelance mode. That meant that I was getting matched with and against solo players only. As I’ve come to realize, that isn’t always the best.

Photo from Sir D

Before I continue, how is everyone liking Season of the Splicer? All in all, I’m enjoying this season a lot. The Override activity is OK, but not as good as Battlegrounds. Collecting motes feels a lot like the Season of Arrivals public event, which was average IMHO. I love the aesthetics of this season. Neon tron.

The gear is good. There’s lots of loot dropping from Override, and it’s good loot. We finally have a kinetic breech loading GL, and it can roll with slideshot, which is amazing.

I started IB in freelance and I got to say that it was very sweaty. It was filled with sweatlords, and this was easy to tell thanks to the new and improved presentation screen. Facing guilded Flawless and Unbrokens is never fun for average players. This is SBMM? WTF.

I finished the quest, and it felt quite toxic. I felt like I needed a shower after finishing the quest and the bounties. I especially struggled with getting the shot registration for HCs, so I used TLW and Igneous Hammer at the same time, ensuring that it wouldn’t be an issue. The heavy MG step was painful as a solo player. On top of that, I made the mistake of using Heir Apparent, which took way too long to spin up. I usually got killed or farmed when I tried to go for heavy. I got it done.

On my warlock, I started playing and joined up for matches with two clanmates. It was way easier and so much less sweaty. WTF. I think it could be because I’m matching players in my area, and they’re all ultra sweaty. Could be that. But, when I was with my clanmates, we matched people with similar KDs, and I had a good time, kind of like how IB used to be a year or two ago.

I got my bounties done really quickly. I’ll have to remember this next time IB comes around, especially since the shotty, the Riiswalker, and the MG, the two new weapons, aren’t in the token pool yet, so Bungie said to save your tokens. That’s really bad, because some people spammed thousands of tokens without getting anything new.

I played my titan mostly solo, and it was sweaty again. I’m sure it has to do with the pool of players near me. Overall, next time, I’ll run it in a 2 or 3 stack with clanmates who have a similar KD. That will cut down on the sweatiness.

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