Month: June 2021

  • Destiny 2: The God Rolls of Season of the Splicer

    The season is going on strong, and there was a bit of a lull until reset. TBH, I’ve been so busy raiding that I usually save the weekly story mission for around Thursday when I can play it by myself. The raid is satisfying. I’ve spent a lot of time in it, and I’ve gotten […]

  • Destiny 2 S14: The Remastered Vault of Glass Lackluster Exotic Vex Mythoclast

    Photo by Aztecross As I was scheduling my raids for the week, I decided to hop on some with my clanmates right after reset in order to ensure that I would have my clears for the week early. That would leave the rest of the week for sherpas and trying to get two more so […]

  • Destiny 2 S14: Season of the Splicer, Best Seasonal Weapons?

    A new season of Destiny 2 launched a couple of weeks ago on May 10th. This new season launched with some differences. First of all, high stat armor is no longer available in the season pass. The season launched without a new “secret” exotic quest, like Harbinger or Presage. However, it launched with a “new” […]

  • Destiny 2: The Vault of Glass Remastered?

    As part of Season 14s offerings, Bungie added the OG D1 raid Vault of Glass, which is the first raid that they have released from the Destiny Content Vault. Last August or September, we lost so many raids, which were put into the DCV. We’re finally back at four playable raids now. I never played […]