Destiny 2 S14: Season of the Splicer, Best Seasonal Weapons?

A new season of Destiny 2 launched a couple of weeks ago on May 10th. This new season launched with some differences. First of all, high stat armor is no longer available in the season pass. The season launched without a new “secret” exotic quest, like Harbinger or Presage. However, it launched with a “new” raid, Vault of Glass. There could still be a secret exotic waiting for us down the line. I hope so, because the two new exotic weapons of the season are kind of lackluster.

The seasonal exotic is a kinetic sidearm, the Cryosthesia 77k, which has a charged freezing shot. It reminds me of Devil’s Ruin, but the gun is very average. Except when trying to complete the catalyst, I haven’t played with it at all. The freeze lasts for 1 second, and you have to reload because it consumes the mag. Having a quickdraw weapon like a shotty or a GL will allow you to quickly frag your enemy.

The main storyline of this season involves another House of the Fallen, the House of Light, led by Mithrax, and they’re helping us to stop the Vex from putting out the sun? For some reason, a Vex simulation put out the sun? It hasn’t been properly explained as to why a simulation would do this. If this were to happen, all life on Earth would stop, not soon after.

Guardians are tasked with hacking into the Vex network, trying to stop the simulation. Meanwhile, Fallen, including baby Ffallen, affectionately called Smallen by the community, have been allowed into the City. The boss arena from Scourge of the Past was added as a living area for the Fallen. The HELM has been slightly changed, and we have weekly Override and Expunge missions to beat the Vex.

Overall, so far, the weapons are superb. I like Ignition Code, the first legendary kinetic breech-loaded GL since Mountaintop. My favorite rolls have slideshot, which is insane. Sliding reloads the GL, which makes firing it quickly very easy. The rolls I have are good, but I’m looking for a spike/slideshot/vorpal roll that I haven’t gotten yet. The seasonal artifact also has a 9 energy class item mod called Breach and Clear. It gives your target a 10-second 30% debuff, which is crazy when paired with 2 GLs (ignition code and Anarchy).

That’s just one weapon. The next one is Gridskipper, a void, rapid-frame pulse rifle 540rpm, which can roll some crazy perks and is also easy to farm. Tunnel vision/multikill clip, Heating up/frenzy are a few examples of the possible rolls. They’ve made the focusing of engrams a lot less costly and efficient. I’m finally accumulating more legendary shards. However, you can only get the seasonal currency from the Override activity. I’ve got a bunch of good rolls, Heating Up/Thresh is one of my favorites. There’s also Chroma Rush, a 720rpm, which is a first since the Steelfeather Repeater of the Season of Dawn. It feels really good and can roll some good perks as well. Heating up, subsistence, feeding frenzy with kill clip or rampage are some examples.

There is an LMG, Shattered Cipher, and a really good kinetic sidearm, Farewell. I play less with those, as LMGs are just in a sad place. I’ve heard good things about Farewell, and gotten a few tasty rolls, but I’ve had my time playing with sidearms when the Charged with Light mod Surprise Attack came out in Season of Arrivals (not sure that was when it launched, but that’s the time that I played with a hunter sidearm build with Mechaneer’s tricksleeves) and I don’t use them too often anymore.

There are other weapons too. An SMG Borrowed Time, was added to the Gambit lootpool, which makes farming Bottom Dollar even harder. There are three new nightfall weapons, a returning scout Hung Jury SR4, a fusion Plug One.1, and a sniper Uzume RR4. In Strikes, you can also get the solar breech loaded GL Empty Vessel to drop. In crucible, Survivor’s Epitaph is a kinetic 180rpm handcannon.

The overall aesthetic of the Vex realm is very Tron-like. I really like it. The platforming part of Expunge was fun, but less of a labyrinth than Whisper of the Worm. There was a seasonal challenge to finish it within 10 minutes. I did it with a mate without really having optimized our pathways. I tried sword flying on my titan solo. I ran out of ammo lol, but if you sword fly, you can complete it in 4 minutes or so.

So far, so good. I’m just waiting to see if they will release a secret exotic quest. There was a bit of confusion, because when Expunge launched it was supposed to reward a pinnacle, but it doesn’t and won’t until the more difficult versions come out in the following weeks. Also, there was a bug with Presage, and since DSC no longer rewarded pinnacle drops, getting to the pinnacle cap felt more arduous. I hit it on 2 characters last week, and I’m season rank 180 or so. I’ve been raiding quite a bit, at least 3 to 5 raids of VoG every week. I’m trying to get the Share a Glass emblem. You need to sherpa 10 people. I’m currently at 8. I find that my clan sort of plans their raids way ahead of time. So the time to book spots in raids is usually on the preceding weekend. If you don’t, you’re shit out of luck. I did 2 full runs on Friday night.

Last Thursday, Stasis was thoroughly nerfed. The Titan Behemoth is a pale shadow of what it was. It’s no longer zooming around the map using its melee ability. Shadebinder and Revenant also got nerfed. I see many games with only a few players using stasis. It’s left the door open to what was meta before Stasis, like bottom tree striker, top tree dawn, and spectral.

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