Destiny 2 S14: The Remastered Vault of Glass Lackluster Exotic Vex Mythoclast

Photo by Aztecross

As I was scheduling my raids for the week, I decided to hop on some with my clanmates right after reset in order to ensure that I would have my clears for the week early. That would leave the rest of the week for sherpas and trying to get two more so that I can get the Share a Glass emblem. I had an unexpected surprise after my first run.

My first run of the week took about 55 minutes, without even trying to speedrun it. It’s pretty good, because my time went down from 1h35 or something like that. While there is always a bit of confusion when raiding with people you haven’t done so before, we quickly settled into a rhythm. I’m in a clan of about 250 people, but my timezone makes it that I generally will play with the same people. After my first clear of the night, I got the Vex Mythoclast. I was pretty happy.

In my experience, the drop rate has been significantly buffed from the Deep Stone Crypt raid and Eyes of Tomorrow. I know some clanmates who have run DSC over 60 times without getting it to drop. Bungie’s big fanfare about having bad luck protection enabled is a load of BS. At least for a lot of people. I’ve heard people getting the drop after 80 clears. Personally, I got it after the 14th clear, which was cool. I got Anarchy after 6 clears last summer, when the drop rate was buffed. Tarrabah after 14 runs. 1K Voices after 14 runs. When you’re farming raid exotics, the most effective way has always been to do a full run on one character. Then do 2 extra checkpoints on your other characters. You only get 3 chances at it per week. However, for VoG, I have been running full raids, except once. I still need all the god rolled weapons, so that’s the main reason why.

The Mythoclast is very underwhelming. Bungie devs have already said that it’s slated for a buff in S15. Right now, it functions as a 360 rpm auto rifle that stacks some linear fusion shots. You lose the stacks if you switch modes, change guns, etc. The linear fusion shots are not that good either, compared to normal linear fusion rifles. So basically, it does what a bad auto rifle and a bad linear fusion rifle does, but at the same time. Hopefully, it will get a good buff.

It was my 9th fully lootable clear. Today, I went through the raid and completed the plates and oracles in the raid in order to unlock the catalyst for the Vex Mythoclast. It reminded me a lot of the oracles in the Whisper of the Worm mission. The last plate that opens up a portal is akin to the last plate in the Whisper mission. The oracles repeat an ascending sequence of notes, which is pretty cool. It took us a few times, but we got it done.

I quickly masterworked the Mythoclast at the Altars of Sorrow on the Moon. I’m not a fan of going to the Shuro-Chi checkpoint, as there are a lot more steps involved. Sometimes, in AoS, I can load in by myself. If you find that there are too many people, just reload it. But generally, I just stay and get free loot from the boss.

The one good thing about the Vex is that it’s classified as a fusion rifle, meaning that all fusion rifle-based bounties will be quickly completed, no longer requiring special ammo. This thing needs a buff badly. Let’s not even talk about the ornament. It’s just a shiny shader.

This is an ornament.

This is a shader.





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