Destiny 2: The God Rolls of Season of the Splicer

The season is going on strong, and there was a bit of a lull until reset. TBH, I’ve been so busy raiding that I usually save the weekly story mission for around Thursday when I can play it by myself. The raid is satisfying. I’ve spent a lot of time in it, and I’ve gotten 17 28 clears so far. Here are some of the rolls I’m chasing from the Vault of Glass raid and this season.

Ignition Code (Override/recaster)

This is the only GL that rolls with slideshot, making it really good in many activities. I’ve gotten plenty of slideshot rolls, but I’m missing two that I really think are important. I’ve been farming this GL for weeks now, but it’s not dropping for me for some reason. I’ve got rolls that are close to these, but not exactly this. I’ve got so many Chroma Rushes dropping for me for spending 75 decrypted data. Sometimes I feel like the game can’t update its RnG fast enough, because of server lag or some issue like that, so you’re better off focusing one, getting out of the recaster screen, and going back in to focus the next umbral. When I focus umbral after umbral, I can get the same gun over and over again (chroma rush).

PvE spike/blinding, slideshot, vorpal
PvP proximity nades/slideshot/demo/frenzy/vorpal

Fatebringer (VoG)

There was a lot of hype behind this 140 rpm returning. To be honest, I’m not a fan of it. I feel like Palindrome is much better. However, even Palindrome is a 140rpm, so not competitive with the current 120rpm meta. My favorite gun is an Igneous Hammer with killing wind/rampage. I just got the god roll Fatebringer to drop for me with explosive rounds/firefly. For a while, I had so many Corrective Measures and Found Verdicts drop, even though I’ve already gotten god rolls of those weapons.

Stochastic Variable (World Drop/recaster)

I’m not sure why I love this gun, but it’s definitely fun. It’s a 900rpm SMG that can roll with phase mag. However, I see no point in running this, as if I needed to run a 600rpm SMG it would be Shayura’s Wrath or the 7th Seraph. I have a killing wind/MKC roll, but I’d like dragonfly.

Memory Interdict (World Drop/recaster)

This GL is particular because it can roll with Impulse Amplifier, and I think it’s the only GL that can roll with this. Impulse Amplifier makes this thing shoot straight, almost like Mountaintop, which is crazy good in PvP. I got this to drop for me this week while randomly turning in tokens or redeeming rewards from Shaxx. You want this to roll with chain reaction.

Hezen’s Vengeance (VoG)

This is the only rocket launcher that can roll overflow. You’re looking to pair it with vorpal. I got thresh instead. It’s OK, but vorpal is where it’s at.

Praedyth’s Revenge (VoG)

I’ve been trying to get a rewind rounds/vorpal or high impact reserves roll to drop for me for a while, and the closest I’ve gotten is rewind/firefly. Rewind/HIR makes it the highest DPS sniper.

Succession (DSC)

I’ve been farming this for the past few weeks, and I haven’t gotten the reconstruction/vorpal roll that I’ve been looking for. It’s best in slot for the Atheon encounter, allowing you to 1 shot oracles on Venus or Mars with 4 copies of the precise disruptor mod. That means that I could run Anarchy instead of Xenophage.

Trustee (DSC)

The roll I’m looking for is reconstruction and recombination or wellspring. I’ve gotten a good roll, but currently, my vision of confluence with rewind rounds/frenzy is better than the roll I have.

Posterity (DSC)

I still haven’t gotten a good Posterity from the DSC raid. I’m looking for a roll with reconstruction and redirection.

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