Destiny 2: Master Difficulty Vault of Glass Raid

On July 6, the Master difficulty of the VoG raid became available to all players. My light level was about 1346, and I went in with a team of mix-matched players of different abilities, the kind of group that I usually run with for VoG. Needless to say, we didn’t have a good time. We thought it would be different, but it felt like contest mode was on.

Our group was between 1337 and 1346. We tried a bunch of different strategies, but after a couple of hours, we gave up and ran the normal version. The clear wasn’t happening on day 1. Over the week, different groups in my clan attempted to get a clear, but none were successful. It took until Sunday for a group to clear the Master raid, but not with the challenge. The Gatekeeper challenge was needed to unlock the first timelost weapon of Destiny 2, the Hezen’s Vengeance.

Timelost weapons will only drop from the Master version of VoG, and they will only drop if the challenge of the week is completed. They drop with double perks in columns 3 and 4. Hezen’s has overflow/cluster as its curated roll. Corrective measure, from this week’s challenge, drops with DSR/firefly.

It took us about 4h to get the gatekeeper challenge done. It was quite difficult. The shielded praetorian and the wyvern, on both timelost locations, need to be killed within a couple of seconds.

Now the thing that you have to remember is that if you do the challenge on legendary, you will be using up the possible challenge reward from the master version. That means, challenges shouldn’t be done on legendary at all. They’re not worth it, because you’ll be potentially locking yourself out of a timelost weapon.

We went with bleak watcher shadebinders, with max recovery and discipline. Loadouts were Extraordinary Rendition (750 rpm SMG overflow/thresh) to stun overload champs, Truthteller GL (autoloading/blinding), and Anarchy. Builds were mostly centered around survivability. My CWL build used protective light, supercharged, taking charge, and charged up. The best exotic to use with stasis is Eye of Another world to get max regen on abilities. Naturally, breach and clear was on my bond. I had void boots on to use the Better Already mod, which immediately starts regen after picking up an orb of light. It felt better than using Recuperation, which only works on solar boots.

The gatekeeper challenge isn’t easy at all in master mode, because the ads are just so tanky. There is some leeway to make mistakes, but once too many are made, it’s a wipe. Eventually, we got it done. We almost finished the raid that day, but I ran out of time.

The following day was reset, and we tackled the Atheon challenge next. It consisted of ensemble refrain, which meant that each person who goes to the timelost locations can only shoot one oracle at a time during a set of 3 oracles. The challenge doesn’t seem that difficult, but there is a learning curve to mix DPS with survivability. Our group went with 3 well warlocks, 1 chaos reach, 2 Falling Star titans. We tried out using a bubble titan on the plate using the superstructure defender mod, but it got too complicated to consistently make it work.

We did DPS from mid to get some cover from supplicants. There’s a niche right next to Atheon, in which detained players can get some cover. My loadout consisted of Hung Jury SR4 Adept (rapid hit/explosive/adept big ones), Salvager’s Salvo, and Anarchy. The key is to add some DPS to all of the builds. Warlocks were rocking Starfire protocol for the extra fusion grenade, Salvager’s with a GL loader mod and the fastball mod on the arms, I had two precise oracle disruptor mods on my bond and boots, which came from the raid. All of us used scouts to break oracles.

This challenge seemed easier, but it has a lot of moving parts. It took us 2 sittings and about 5h to get it done. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the turnout. The trick for Master VoG is that there’s no point in running the full raid most of the time. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you just have to finish the raid on Master so that you can purchase timelost weapons from the final chest. The two challenges from week 1 and week 2 worked well. It’s going to be a mix of checkpoints and encounters to get the stuff we want. Farming spoils from the legend version from Templar. Then doing the weekly challenge on Master, hopefully more than once, preferably once per character, then completing the Atheon encounter on Master level.






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