Destiny 2 Master Vault of Glass Challenge Week 4: The Only Oracle For You

This is part of the challenges I had done before in legendary VoG, but I had heard that it was a pain to get through it. Although not as painful as Gatekeeper, it took a while for our team to gel enough to get it done. The challenge involved the oracles that spawn after confluxes. For this challenge, only one person can shoot one oracle during the whole rotation.

Most teams will have their players rotate so that they will never shoot the same oracle at the same time. It doesn’t help that all of the adds are quite tanky, and that there are quite a few orange bar enemies to deal with. Our team was comprised of shadelocks running high recovery, max discipline and/or intellect, using the bleak watcher aspect. This ability allows you to supercharge your grenade, throw it out and it’ll act like a stasis turret. It will freeze ads all around, making dealing with ads a lot easier. The only champions that spawn are overloads.

Our loadouts included extraordinary rendition smg (overflow/frenzy), salvager’s salvo (demo/chain reaction with the energy accelerant artifact mod since most of us weren’t focusing on champions), xenophage. One member was dedicated for roaming ad control and focused on the champion. He was running Anarchy. Another member was running an LMG (7th Seraph SAW that can create warmind cells) and Witherhoard. The others were distributed all around the oracles. We rotated counter clockwise. We had one person watching L3 and R3, one person watching R1 and R2, one person watching mid, one person watching L1, and another watching L2. I had already found the safest spots to watch the oracles to make sure that I wouldn’t get sniped by the hobgoblin snipers. The key to this encounter, like most high level content in Destiny, is to not stay stationary. The hobbies could one-shot you if you weren’t high level enough. At 1349, I was fine. However, one of our team members was closer to 1340, and he kept getting one-shot by them.

All of our builds used the Eye of Another World exotic for quick ability regen. The CWL mods I used were supercharged, charged up, taking charge, protective light, blast radius. At least one of us was running global reach to make warmind cells with the SAW. I was running tier 9 recovery, tier 9 discipline, and tier 6 intellect.

Xeno allows to quickly one-shot the oracles, making it easier to focus on the swarming ads. Salvager’s allowed us to regen our grenades, and therefor launch turrets, very quickly. I had tested it previously in GMs, and I would have another turret ready while one was still up.

The hard part isn’t the fact that you have to control ads where you are being posted first. It’s that ad control isn’t always uniform, and when players rotate, they will walk into a bunch of ads that can destroy them before they get into place. This was an issue. However, with Salvager’s salvo and bleak watchers, the ads get under control really quickly. On top of that, it’s easy to save your super to clear out a bunch of ads to make sure that you’re fine. First and foremost, players needs to shoot the snipers, which can affect players on the other side of the arena if they aren’t taken out. I was running energy accelerant, since I wasn’t focused on the champion. I was using it to quickly take out ads.

For some reason, I felt like this challenge wasn’t so bad at my light. I’m almost 1350, and I can feel that the ads hurt less. I’m also more mobile and always making sure to duck in and out of cover, never staying in the open for too long.

Overall, that was our strat and it worked well. It’s not a very pleasant encounter to say the least. I’m happy we got it done. I’m sure that after this week’s challenge in Master VoG, we will be only running Atheon cps to get our loot afte farming normal Templar for spoils.

This week, it was the time lost Praedyth’s Revenge which was available. It only drops from this challenge in Master VoG. Once obtained, you can purchase them from the final chest in Master VoG for 25 spoils. The curated roll includes feeding frenzy and firefly. I got no distractions and HIR, which isn’t bad, but I wanted rewind rounds and HIR.


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