Destiny 2 Master Vault of Glass Week 3: Wait For It Challenge

After having some difficult challenges in the past couple of weeks, we’re back with one of the easiest challenges so far in Vault of Glass Master difficulty. There are a couple of differences, but overall, this one wasn’t too bad. The challenge involves killing the wyverns as they’re sacrificing themselves to the confluxes.

There will be overload champions spawning in different parts of the arena. The trick was to not damage the wyverns too much before they come close to the conflux. It’s easy to put a few too many Anarchy grenades on them and they just melt. We usually placed no more than 2 on them to weaken them. Once they are somewhat low, and start sacrificing, then you can finish them.

We used shadelocks with the bleak watcher aspect to control ads. Some of us were running falling cuirass titans to take out the wyverns quickly. I was running the same build (CWL: supercharged, charged up, taking charge, blast radius, breach and clear, protective light). I had on Salavager’s (demo, chain reaction), Extraordinary Rendition (overflow, frenzy), and Anarchy. This was not too difficult of a challenge. Overall, we got it done pretty quickly.

The time lost Vision of Confluence was the reward this week. The curated roll has zen moment and full auto, which is very average. I would like to have rewind rounds with frenzy. I got a killing wind/frenzy and a rewind rounds/disruption break.


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