Destiny 2: Master Vault of Glass Challenge Week 5 Out of Its Way

My team was prepared for the worst for this challenge. In preparation, most of us had tried to get as high light as possible. I hit 1350 yesterday, and was ready for this encounter. Strangely enough, it proved the easiest challenge in Master VoG so far. We got it done in a minute or two.

For this challenge, the relic holder needs to block all of the teleports of the templar. Most of us were running double slugs and Anarchy. We had the relic holder swap out with another player, a titan who had thundercrashed, so that the relic holder would also be able to get off their super.

My build was a CWL build with protective light, breach and clear, and lunafaction boots with a well of radiance warlock. The titans placed their barricades to the front and side to protect us from splash damage. It made a big difference. Before we knew it, it was over. It was just slightly longer than a normal Templar clear.

We got it on the first try. Then we switched characters, and got all of them done within 10 minutes or so. Afterwards, we did an Atheon CP so that we could spend all of our spoils on time lost Fatebringers. Overall, the clears were a lot easier than we had previously experienced. In my opinion, it’s that most of us are now on level or just 5 levels below 1350. I noticed a big difference when I hit 1349 and 1350. There’s no comparison to 1340. Red bars only take a couple of shots to dispatch. Before it took over 6 shots, using the same gun.

We had enough time to run normal VoG two more times for a clanmate who hasn’t gotten Vex Mythoclast yet. I’m still missing the rabid relic and eyes of Atheon challenge (in normal VoG) to get the Fatebreaker seal. I’ll hopefully get them done later this week. Then, it’s Master VoG Templar farming, because it can drop ascendant shards, prisms, and spoils.

The time lost Fatebringer is up for grabs this week. Since it feels like the easiest challenge, we’ve already helped two more people get their clears in the challenge. The curated roll is a god roll. It drops with explosive payload and firefly. I got killing wind/opening shot and thresh/kill clip, so I’ll have to farm spoils to get rewind rounds/frenzy.

If you’ve completed the Master VoG challenges since week 1, then you’ll also be able to claim your Fatebreaker title as well as your time lost Found Verdict. My time lost Found Verdict rolled with surplus/demo. The curated roll is full auto/vorpal.


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