Destiny 2: Season of the Lost S15

Season of the Lost launched on time after a very interesting Witchqueen showcase. Most of what I saw in the showcase excited me. However, the release day was pushed back to 2.22.22, so it’s going to be a long wait. It took the usual crazy amount of time to log onto the game. Eventually I did.

I stayed on for about 3-4h before I just had to go to bed. Reset is at around 1am my time. For some reason, I didn’t see any pings in our community Band, so I just played by myself. The season revolves around the return of the Queen of the Awoken Mara Sov. Uldren Sov has already returned as a guardian named Crow. It’s my hope that this season finally puts an end to the curse that has been plaguing the Dreaming City since Forsaken.

The Dreaming City is one of the best locations in Destiny 2. I have always been surprised that we had never gone back there. Well, it looks like we’ll be here for the next six months, since the delay of The Witchqueen will make this the longest season yet, at 6 months.

We also see the first formal manifestation of the Witchqueen, Savathun. Mara Sov quickly captures her form for now. The gist of the season revolves around rescuing lost Techeun, the Awoken’s techno witches. We have to complete the season arena, which is called Astral Alignement. The activity takes place in some reused assets, like Blind Well, but it’s well done, so I don’t mind. Unlike Override, the arena isn’t that small. It’s quite big. There were a few bugs, but in the end it was fine.

Once that is completed, you can launch this season’s Expunge-like mission called The Shattered Realm. So far, there have been two areas opened up in this Ascended Realm. The Forest of Echoes and Debris of Dreams. The first one for the first week was populated by Taken. The second one opened up last week and was full of Scorn. As you progress along, you unlock abilities in your seasonal artifact, which allow you to open up more and more of the realm. There are hidden chests and areas and mysteries to discover. I really enjoy this activity. You can spend a lot of time exploring the different areas. Once you’ve unlocked a new ability, it makes going back to the same area rewarding.

Solving the mysteries is like a puzzle. You need to get to certain areas and find your way there. All in all, it’s really a step up from last season. There is an extra pinnacle to grab from this activity.

The Weapons

The seasonal exotic is a linear fusion rifle and it has quickly become one of my favorite weapons. It speaks to you, tells you things, it’s awesome. Since I’ve gotten to SR 120, I’ve already got the ornament, unlocked the catalyst and masterworked it. It’s like Arbalest on crack. On precision kills, it creates a vorb implosion sphere that can suck multiple enemies at once. The weapon will also target a random enemy. If killed, it drops telemetry. Once you’ve gotten 3, you get a 30 second buff. The wall hacks were quickly disabled in PvP, but for a while, they were running.

With the Anarchy nerf on reserves and boss damage, on top of no longer having the seasonal mod Breach and Clear, this season’s Mets PvE weapons are indubitably fusion rifles. There’s a mod called Particle Deconstruction on the artifact, which buffs fusion rifle’s damage. There are a few cool builds to take this even further.

Instead of using Anarchy, it’s 1K, null composure, LFR like Threaded Needle, Corsair’s Wrath, Sleeper Simulant and Plug 1. I’ve found that precision frames have gotten a slight nerf compared to rapid fire frames, which got a buff.

This is also the first time we’ve got Stasis weapons. They are all in the kinetic slot, and have their own perks, like Headstone, spawns a Stasis crystal upon a precision kill, and more. Overall, it’s refreshed the meta significantly so far. So far, only the Vulpecula HC and Peacebond sidearm can roll with this. So far, there are only three. The two above as well as a shotgun called Fractethyst. This weekend, with trials, we will see a LFR called Reed’s Regret added to the pool.

The sandbox got a bunch of tuning as well. Overall, the adjustments have opened up the play style to off meta weapons, like double primaries, SMGs, etc. I’ve mostly been using Vex. It’s the gun to rule all guns this season. It got a significant buff this season, especially in PvE. It’s classified as a fusion rifle, but fires like a 390 rpm auto rifle. Thanks to the seasonal mod, it wrecks.

It’s a very nice improvement. I had barely used it before getting it, unlocking the catalyst, and masterworking it. Combining it with High Energy Fire, and some elemental well mods, it can wreck even more. I usually combine it with a sword for additional burst damage, or a LFR. Naturally, the only legendary solar LFR in the game drops from Wrathborn Hunts, so I’ve been farming for a vorpal roll for the Corsair’s Wrath (auto loading, range MW).

In my testing, for burst damage, swords still rule. LFRs are a great option now. You’ll want to combine a special weapon and a heavy weapon of the same energy type, and run the same class (solar) to get the most benefit.

I’ve optimized my pinnacle grind so that I don’t have to do much more of that BS during the season. It’s week 2, and I’ve almost hit 1330 on all characters. I’m missing 1 drop to get to 1330. This is the way I did it. I started with my hunter and did all of my +2 pinnacles, filling in with powerful along the way. Then I did the same with my Titan, followed by my warlock. Towards the end of the first week, I was getting 1328 drops. This week, I’m getting 1330s on all characters. Easy money. In week 2, I started with my warlock, did my Titan next and ended with my hunter. It’s important to do all the pinnacles on a character before moving to another one. I’m used to running multiple raids, but I’ve had to stagger it.

Prophecy is now dropping the weapons from Trials of the Nine. Last Breath, Judgement, Darkest Before, A Long Walk, and Sudden Death are dropping from Prophecy. It’s farmable, too. They are very good. I’m still hunting for a good Sudden Death and Last Breath. For the others, I’ve gotten good rolls.

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