Destiny 2: Iron Pain, the Saga Continues…

I totally ripped that title off from a Sir Dimetrious video, but it’s more of the same this week. There are 4 pinnacle drops that are easy to get when playing solo, they can be painful to get, especially if you’re playing freelance, but still worthwhile, as the Peacebond, a new stasis sidearm, which is really good.

Currently, there are three weapons (vulpecula, Peacebond, and Reed’s Regret, a heavy LFR from trials) which can roll the stasis perk headstone, which on precision final blows, creates a stasis crystal that can proc all of your aspects and fragments, if you’re running a stasis subclass. That made banana really worthwhile to farm.

I continually match flawless and unbroken players in freelance, so I tend to get really sweaty games. I’ve gotten really good games when I team up with 1 or 2 friends who have a similar KD to mine. I ran through all of my bounties and quests on all characters.

I got 1 headstone roll, but the range wasn’t too good. I don’t really mind though, as it’s for PvE. I have a long range one that rolled with a range masterwork and iron reach. A very good roll would be rangefinder and swashbuckler, but I’m fine with what I got.

I’ve heard mixed things about the pulse. It’s a 390, but doesn’t feel anything like Bygones. I’m underwhelmed, but we got lucky with the sidearm. The new armor looks like trash, so I couldn’t care less about it. It’s the same for the Nemean set in Eververse. It looks terrible. It’s probably going to be a hard pass for me. I might get the legs or chest for bright dust, but that’s about it. I ran top tree dawn on warlock, bottom tree striker on Titan, and stasis on hunter.

My loadout consisted of Vex and a shotty or sniper depending on the map. Vex is really good. With high energy fire, I’m hitting headshots for 48. That’s crazy. I was usually running my adept palindrome, but I’ve felt like running Vex in almost anything. It’s either that, or the Lorentz driver with another LFR or 1k with another fusion rifle in PvE.

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