The Revamped Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2: S15 Season of the Lost

This weekend, one of the biggest changes in Destiny 2 PvP went live. Trials of Osiris, and it’s predecessor Trials of the Nine have always been a sweaty PvP playlist, made for the ultra sweatlords fighting each other in order to get rewards at the Lighthouse. That is no longer the case.

Bungie has implemented many changes, including an anti cheat called Battle Eye, matchmaking, and has completely revamped the structure of the rewards. Previously, there were rewards for getting 3/5/7 wins, as well as going flawless. This time around, if you’re not going for a flawless card, you can continue to play on the same card and keep getting good rewards.

Saint-14 functions like a vendor with reputation, and as you play, you rank him up. Each rank will reward you with a trials engram that can either be decrypted into random gear by Rahool or focused into specific look once you’ve unlocked it.

I’ve focused about 10 trials engrams so far into Reed’s Regret, without getting the god roll, but I’m getting rolls, which is what counts. You’ll earn XP towards rank ups no matter if you lose or win, which is awesome. If you keep racking up wins, you’ll continue to get trials engrams, prisms, ascendant shards and more adept weapons. If you continue using the same card and continue winning, that’s when you’ll get more adept weapons, which sounds crazy.

Everyone in my friends list was playing trials. Good or bad, it didn’t matter. As long as you got some wins, it will be rewarding. Reed’s Regret, a new stasis heavy LFR launched this weekend as well. The god roll is triple tap/vorpal. The best I’ve gotten so far is hip fire grip/vorpal, but it’s fine. At least they’re dropping.

Overall, it’s an amazing change. There are some things that should be worked on. For example, a true solo queue. It doesn’t feel good when you’re playing with a team of solos with no coms against a veteran stacked team. The reward structure is really good compared to before. The playlist has become very rewarding, a bit like GM nightfalls for really good PvE players.

I would like Bungie to immediately implement this system in Iron Banner. I’m tired of wasting my time getting thousands of tokens and never getting what I want. I still haven’t gotten a god rolled Riiswalker (QD, iron reach, full choke, assault mag).

I expected the adept drop to be the adept version of Reed’s Regret. Sadly, it was Shayura’s Wrath, the trials SMG. This weekend was the most played trials weekend in Destiny history, with over 4.7M matches played.

I’ve switched from my palindrome and timelost fatebringer to the vex mythoclast. It’s just too good not to use. With HEF proccing, I’m hitting 48 to the head. You just have to be accurate. Depending on the maps, SMGs, HCs, scouts and pulse rifles can still outgun me.





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