Catching Up On That 6-Month Season in Destiny 2

I took the whole month of November off. I just couldn’t stomach playing anymore for the same rewards. All of the groups I played with collapse during this month. I’m currently in a clan with people who I don’t really play with. There’s some idiots, who I ended actually having to ban, and other pointless drama that I have no time for.

I still have to finish gilding my Conqueror seal, but I’ve had to find help from people I met playing around. It sucks. I wanted to farm the Lake of Shadows GM for a better rolled adept Palindrome, but ended up having more success actually LFGing than running it with people in my own clan. WTF. With clanmates, I cleared 1 run in an hour. Granted, a couple of noobs signed up to help, but WTF, some didn’t even have any champion mods equipped. I said the key words ‘farm’ and ‘speedrun’, but obviously, they didn’t really read my post or didn’t get the message.

It doesn’t help that most of the higher-skilled players play within their own groups. They rarely look for outside players, so clans end up being very cliquish. There’s a sort of Aussie clique and many NA cliques that are time-gated for me since I don’t play in their timezone.

At least I got a way better-rolled Palindrome, and a lot of mats. I needed a few Ascendant Shards.





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