Destiny 2: Season of the Lost, Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack

It’s been about a month since the release of the anniversary pack, and things got busy quickly over here in Taipei. I took a break from playing during the month of November. I just couldn’t stomach grinding and playing the same stuff over and over again. I wanted to do GMs and gild my Conqueror title. I haven’t done that yet, but thankfully I’ll probably end up doing it before the end of this absurdly long season.

This pack is a lot more content than I expected. There’s a 6-man activity called Dares of Eternity, which I played an absurd amount the first week in order to get the Forerunner catalyst unlocked. In order to do so, you need to hit rank 16 with Xur. That took me about 87 runs or so of Dares. At the max, you can get 185xp per run if you’ve got a streak going. At max rank, you can unlock the Vidmaster title, which awards you a panther helmet ornament for all classes, which is sweet. I’ve gotten tons of loot from the pack, including the Wastelander M5, a lightweight shotty that looks like a sawed off, the Halo themed BXR55 Battler, a 450 rpm solar pulse, which has oddly accurate hipfire, the two swords, one of which Paul Tassi had a bad time trying to get, and the first legendary trace rifle. There’s also a kinetic GL. The exotics include the return of Gjallahorn, which drops from the completion of the dungeon, and the heavy hitting Forerunner, an exotic sidearm that can 3 taps at absurd ranges, but is strangely balanced for PvP.

Both swords can drop with a unique perk called Eager Edge, which allowed easy sword skating at absurd speeds, especially for the Revenant hunter shatter dive combo. It’s sort of the devs apology for nerfing the shit out of worldine skating. And it’s on a legendary. The Other Half is the void sword, which is absurdly rare for shits and giggles.

The Grasp of Avarice dungeon was very fun. I spent hours in it, blindly trying to discover the mechanics. Overall, I’m very satisfied with it. I got Gjallahorn the first day and then did a catalyst run to get the catalyst. On day 2, it was masterworked. Forerunner didn’t take long to obtain, but the catalyst took a couple of more days.

The armor from the dungeon is really nice looking. It’s sort of hive-themed, but it looks great. The ornaments from the 30th anniversary pack, of which there are 2 sets for each character, one that’s unlocked immediately, and another one which can be unlocked by spending keys at Xur’s treasure hoard, are nice. The Master GoA drops specific high stat armor, including an extra slot that can be used to slot in seasonal mods, which is awesome. I’m waiting to hit 1360 (1362 at the writing of this blog) to do the dungeon on master level. It doesn’t help that most of my clan isn’t really playing in my time zone and most groups have disbanded. There was a bug with the dungeon for the first few days, making it unfarmable. But they patched that out quickly.

The dungeon can be farmed for the 1000 yard stare, the only 90 rpm sniper that can drop quickdraw and snapshot, and Eyesluna, a stasis 140 RPM HC. There’s a sword and the Matador 64, a shotty. I haven’t farmed the dungeon enough to get god rolls of everything, but I have a snapshot 1000 yard stare, and a rangefinder/KC Eyesluna.

Overall, it’s been a good drop of content. By now, people are finishing up the Dawning Event, which was oddly profitable. Glacioclasm could drop with Subsistence and Reservoir Burst, enabling you to proc res burst with each shot without reloading, quickly becoming BiS, but it’s hard to get used to the extra slow charge time of 1 sec when you’ve been running around with a god rolled Cartesian Coordinate.

People have been holding Xur hostage on reset and he’s been dropping some interesting rolls. I got a opening shot/snapshot Scholar, which was fun.





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