Destiny 2: Master Vow of the Disciple & Adept Loot

When Master Vault of Glass launched in Destiny 2, last summer, I spent hours getting that first clear. Then, we proceeded to systematically clear each encounter, week after week, for the adept loot and the Fatebreaker seal. We got it all done. I haven’t done Master VoG since. What’s the point? I got my god rolls.

Master Vow of the Disciple launched last Tuesday at reset. It’s the middle of the week, and most of the players in my clan are in the US. This means that I’m not trying it out until the weekend. Let’s see how it goes. I’ve seen both Saltagreppo from Clan Elysium and Sweatcicle from Redeem clear it quickly enough, but those are some of the best PvE players in the world. I’m sure that we’re going to struggle with the third encounter, like everyone else.

From what I’ve seen, the trick is to have both solar and void on, and have both overload and unstoppable mods on. This seems to indicate that Osteo Striga, Lubrae’s Ruin, and a Void heavy will be needed. Probably a void LMG to take down the shields or a rocket. A glaive lol. It’s either that or running double primaries. We’ll probably split up teams beforehand and have each side have the right mods. My discipline, especially on my titan, is pretty low, so I’m not relying on those void vortex grenades, even though they’re really good.

I’ll probably end up running an SMG or an AR and a fusion with a rocket. That’s usually my go to for this encounter. Rhulk seems fine. The glyphkeepers are champions, either an unstoppable or an overload.

Since Master VoG launched, the only way to get adept weapons is to do the weekly challenges in the Master version of the raid. Unlike Master VoG, the challenges in Master VotD drop random rolls of the adept weapons. In VoG, there was a row of curated perks. On top of that, you’d get a random roll on the same weapon. This made them quite worthwhile. The Templar clear was easy to farm for the adept Fatebringer, which had a banging curated roll that assured an easy to get god roll.

The Master VotD raid can drop red frame adept weapons, which don’t make you progress your patterns for the raid weapons. DMG acknowledged that this was a bug, but lol, how mad would you be? The main problem that’s arisen is that the craftable raid weapons have access to enhanced perks, two of them, which, by most metrics, makes them superior to any adept weapons from the Master raid. The adept weapons benefit only from getting a +3 bump in some stats when masterworked, and are able to slot in adept mods. This seems worse than any crafted god roll. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve crafted two raid weapons so far, it’s the submission with enhanced overflow and enhanced frenzy that’s finally got access to enhanced perks. The Forebearance is going to take a bit of time to level up.

The Actual Raid

We only had enough time to complete the challenge and work on the Caretaker encounter. It wasn’t too bad, but we didn’t try out Exhibition. What would be the point? It took about 1:30 hours to complete the encounter. Our biggest problems arose from the overloads in the rooms, which threw out totems and made themselves immune. I ended up running a blinding GL, an SMG and Gjalahorn. It worked well. I was on void, after having tried out stasis, but you can stun overloads with grenades on void, so that’s what the game was.

In Caretaker, DPS wasn’t an issue. The ads were quite numerous, and I wasn’t running Div. I wanted to, but didn’t. I had a fusion on with an SMG and a Reed’s Regret. The best SMG for overloads is Osteo Striga, because of the poison damage. It keeps them from immediately regenerating health. They’re still bugged, and if they get frozen, it’s kind of painful.

We got it done. The challenge involved killing the three unstoppable champions at the same time, or within a couple of seconds. We left the last ones alive, constantly stunned. There’s just a lot going on at the same time. If you come out of the room and you’re facing an unstoppable champion, you’re going to die.

For the Caretaker encounter, I was doing ads. The yellow bar sniper hobgoblins are overload champions, which spawn each time your team makes an offering to the obelisk. I ended up finishing most of time to create ammo from my team using Lucent Finisher (class item mod, 6 energy, any affinity, seasonal). That made a big difference, because I was full on ammo most of the time. We almost completed it, but ran out of time as people had to do other things.

All in all, I’ve heard that the Exhibition encounter is by far the worst. My clan will most probably work off checkpoints to clear the weekly challenge encounters for the triumphs and the seal and then be done with it.

I might try either Secant Filaments or Nothing Manacles for next weekend on void in order to stun overloads quickly. The Filaments let you stun overloads with any weapons in an empowering rift and grant devour upon each kill. The Manacles give you two scatter grenades. I prefer vortex, but that’s 100% more stuns than previously. I was running Striga, Cartesian, and Reed’s Regret.

The best tactic I came up with was to stick close to the spawn areas on the upper sides in order to almost spawn kill the ads. That way they don’t multiply and those psions hid hard.


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