Moon Knight: It Took Only 5 Eps For It To Be Good

Until this week, I have to say that Moon Knight was kind of average. Maybe a bit below average, especially for a MCU show. I’m not sure exactly what the goal of this show was. Maybe it was hit by delays and a decrease in scope because of the pandemic, I’m actually unsure. I have read a couple of the Moon Knight comics before. It’s safe to say that eps 1-4 weren’t nominal. Ep 5 was like a 10/10.

I have to say that I wasn’t a fan of Oscar Isaac’s British accent. It’s not that it’s exactly bad, but he keeps saying the same expressions over and over again, immediately identifying himself as someone who’s not British at all. That being said, it didn’t matter much in ep 5. He kept the expressions and limericks to a minimum and focused on delivering the best possible roles.

In ep 5, Spector and Grant are separated entities and are stuck on the boat on the Duat, making their way to being judged, ferried by the goddess Taweret. She made an impromptu appearance at the end of last ep, but at that time, I was still annoyed at most of what I was seeing.

Moon Knight is light on action. There were a couple of scenes, but they were short and sprinkled around a couple of episodes. What’s most annoying/surprising is that there is only 1 (!) episode left. Ep 5 delved into Mark’s backstory and the origin of Moon Knight. It was amazingly written. It’s the best episode by far. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. There were some issues about domestic abuse and schizophrenia that I was surprised to see tackled in a Disney + series.

I wish this would have been ep 2, and we could have been spared the whole Layla character. I’m not sure how she fits in everything, and her absence isn’t missed much in this. Overall, I’m very happy with this episode, but I’m wondering how this show will end.





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