Batman 2022: Way Better Than I Expected From The Twilight Universe

The release of the new Batman movie came and passed, and to be honest, I wasn’t that interested as soon as I heard that the titular role had been taken over by Robert Pattinson, infamous for his Twilight fame. It didn’t help the movie that it was about three hours long. However, it’s very good.

Pattinson plays a very good Batman, but his Bruce Wayne persona is a bit of an oddball. He’s as tortured as Batman, so I’m not sure if this was what would have been best. There’s a reason why they are calling him the Emo Batman. Gotham is usually a big factor in any Batman story, and this is no exception. I’ll say this though, I think that the 1989 gothic version of Gotham was more epic. The Nolan Batman is probably the best. In this movie, Gotham feels dark and gritty. It’s always raining. The police are very corrupt.

They’ve added a bit more to the background of the city and the Waynes. That’s interesting, and adds a new spin to a story that has been told many times before. I enjoyed the bits on the motorbikes a lot. It was fun to see them belting through the city. I didn’t enjoy Catwoman. I thought that she should have been in another movie, not the first movie of a new trilogy, especially one that introduces a new Batman. In this movie, Batman is vengeance.

The whole intrigue about Catwoman’s friend is kind of meh. I didn’t enjoy it. They should have deleted that whole plotline with Catwoman. That would have streamlined the movie. It brought down the movie. I think they could saved about 30 minutes or so.

I thought that Jeffrey Wright as Gordon was a great casting decision. He plays Batman’s partner and advocate in many situations. I was surprised to see that Batman was working so closely with the police.

The Batmobile is a modified SS Camaro, with a rocket boost engine. It is pretty sick. The bikes are cool as well. There aren’t as many gadgets, which is good. Overall, it’s a good start. I was pleasantly surprised.





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