Destiny 2: Things to Finish at the End of the Season & Last TWAB

The season is wrapping up, and many players are taking a break. I finished my Master Vow runs on the weekend. I might continue to do some Master Vow Rhulk Cps in the future, but there’s no reason to do them until the challenge is active again.

I’ve got to finish some Vow triumphs before the end of the season for the seal, but they don’t involve Master vow, and they can be completed any time.

So what’s left? Since I was focused on Master Vow, I haven’t had much time to do GMs, so that’s basically what I’m doing. I have to complete 5, but I’ve already completed the hardest GM, The Lightblade. The rest should be fine, since I already have completions in them.

Another thing that’s left is to farm Artifice armor from Master GoA. I haven’t done this before, because I sort of got burned out at the end of the last season. It was six months long. The really good thing about Artifice Armor is that it has an extra mod slot for seasonal mods, making them very good.

Bounty stacking lol. It took me one night of playing to finish off enough bounties on one character. I’ll do the same on my other two, then I’ll be done. The whole BS about buying SR at the beginning of the season seems stupid, because they don’t give you actual XP. They just allow you to unlock the SR rewards earlier.

The TWAB came out and weekly reset happened with no news of the new season. It’s a bit anticlimactic to not have any news at all about what’s coming up next week. There’s not even a trailer. They also haven’t announced what element they’re revamping for next season. Solar or Arc? Could it be both? The seasonal activity psi-ops has a spear that a dev pointed out was linked at how they would revamp arc. They’ve also changed how some weapons treat burn. That made people think it’s solar. I thought it was arc until mid-season when the tune changed and they were talking a lot about solar.

I’m in the camp that would like to know more about next season, not be completely in the dark. The TWAB was light on details again, except it said that we would get another 100 slots in our vaults. That’s cool, but I wanted 1000. That would have made a difference. I’m currently sitting at 460/500, so I could do better. The lower you get, the harder it becomes. I’m already deleting all armor that doesn’t have 65 or 66 stats or that is spiky in the right places. I have a lot of guns. I’d like to get to 300, but that seems harsh. l’ve got maybe 5 sunset weapons,

Oddly enough, they spent a lot of time talking about Solstice. There’s some card that you can buy with 1000 Silver that will unlock a bunch of rewards. That’s a first. That being said, I usually get ornaments if I like them, so in the long run, this could save people money.

The new dungeon launches next Friday at reset and has 4 new weapons, 2 reprised, as well as an exotic and it’s catalyst. It’s also going to have a an exotic ship or sparrow.





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