Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted S17 First Impressions

I’m not sure with the way that Bungie was going on about keeping everything secret about this season. They were going to keep it like this until a couple of hours before launch. It seems a bit odd. The most recent TWABs didn’t give many details. They talked about sandbox changes and some upcoming features, like how they plan on changing seasonal events. They didn’t talk at all about what’s coming. It went so far as people speculating that both Arc and Solar 3.0 were coming at the same time or that the season was delayed.

The seasonal trailer was leaked from the Japanese site, or something related to that, the day before launch. Bungie quickly decided to release it. So we were getting solar 3.0 and we were going back to the Leviathan. A couple of the weapons from Season of Opulence were making a comeback, like Austringer and Beloved.

So, how is the new season?

The launch went pretty good. It took me a long time to download for some reason, but that was due to internet speed on their end, not mine. Once downloaded, it took a few seconds to copy and install. I was able to immediately get into the game. It was about 45 minutes after launch on PS5

The intro mission was pretty cool. It’s a mix of Leviathan and the ambiance of Presage. This is what Calus experimented with on the Glaukon. I’m not too keen on this whole thing about Nightmares. They’ve done a whole expansion about this, Shadowkeep, and it’s by far my least favorite.

They’ve introduced a new mission space called the Derelict Leviathan. So this is a mix between a public event and exploration. I kind of like it. It’s very chaotic. There are many things to find and explore. The whole setup was a bit confusing, but eventually I got it down. The helm setup is basically a copy and paste of the previous season, using the new currencies.

You can obtain Opulent Keys, of which you can hold only one at a time fml, which will open opulent chests. They will let you get rewards like Beloved, as well as Deepsight versions. This is a cool addition. I’ve gotten a good Austringer and a Beloved. These are both craftable, so it’s pretty cool. Eventually, you’ll be able to spend currencies to get deepsight versions of the opulent guns. You’ll need 5 to be able to craft it.

The seasonal weapons are OK for now. It took me a while to get some. There’s a void trace rifle, Hollow Denial, which can roll Killing Tally, a perk last seen on 21% Delirium, a rocket launcher, an arc glaive, and a kinetic scout. There are around 30 weapons that have been added. The crucible weapon is the Riptide, a rapid fire stasis fusion, which means it can be slotted into the first slot. I want chill clip and lead from gold for PvE, Successful warmup and Under Pressure for PvP. It’s definitely become one of the BIS since there’s only Deliverance available as a non exotic fusion rifle.

It’s kind of odd that the dungeon launches on Friday, not on the same day as the season. I don’t know how I feel about it. Many people are complaining that this season is just a rehash of old stuff. I don’t mind it. It’s been a long time since I did a Leviathan raid.

Solar 3.0 isn’t bad. It definitely made solar more relevant and useful. I’ve mainly played around with Hunter, but I can already tell that Titan with Burning Steps or Loreley and Warlock with Sunbracers or Dawn Chorus, is going to be fun. It’s not as cool as Void 3.0, that’s for sure, but they’ve made Blade Barrage with Star Eater Scales the highest DPS super, which is cool (with the Knock Em Down aspect). I ran it in the Vow raid last night and had no issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the survivability of void better, but it does make everything explode. The subclass doesn’t feel completely fleshed out and the verdict of the season is still premature, as the new dungeon, Duality, is coming out on Friday. I assume that the other fragments and maybe other aspects are being released on Friday.

I noticed that the healing grenade and phoenix dive have been moved around a bit, instead of being an added functionality of grenades. I haven’t played around it too much. On Hunter, I feel like the class is fine. Blade Barrage went through a series of nerfs since Forsaken.

My favorite Titan subclass has always been bottom tree hammers, and it looks fine as well. I’m not too sure about Warlock. It’ll take a while for the builds to start cropping up. The aspect on Warlock that improves grenades is pretty crazy, especially with Sunbracers. Solar grenades seem to spew some lava around them, making them pretty crazy. None of the other solar classes have that.

I’ve seen a couple of builds that stack the buff restoration, which makes you regenerate (up to 15 secs) and it looks like it trumps well of life as well as well of tenacity. That means it opens up those slots to generate more wells for damage and other utilities. They’ve also changed how resilience works. At 100 resil, you get 40% damage reduction, which is huge. Going forward, all my builds will have to take that into consideration. With the seasonal mods, armor of the dying star, you can get up to 66% DR with that. So it’s definitely been changed around.





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