Destiny 2: Duality S17 Dungeon, Best Ever?

Friday at reset, the new dungeon released for Destiny 2. Destiny endgame PvE content has always been very good. The last two dungeons that released were pretty good, Grasp of Avarice in December, and Prophecy during Season of Arrivals. According to Bungie, we’ll be getting a reprised raid, à la VoG, next season and another dungeon in S19.

For this year, they’ve changed the way that the pricing goes for dungeons. If you hadn’t bought the deluxe edition of Witch Queen ($100), you would have to buy the seasons separately. On top of that now, you’d have to pay $10 per dungeon. Overall, I don’t really mind too much because I think $100 for a year’s of content is pretty good.

Duality is located on the Derelict Leviathan and introduces new mechanics, weapons, loot, and more. For the first time, we’ve got an exotic dropping randomly from the last chest. It’s an exotic sword called Heartshadow, which makes you invisible on heavy strikes as well as launching 4-5 vorbs. It looks pretty fun for Omni hunters. I haven’t gotten it to drop, but drop rates seem to be a lot more generous.

Is this a dungeon or a raid? It’s a 3-man activity, so it falls under a dungeon, but I have no problems calling it a raid layer. It’s quite long, and enjoyable. And my god, do the weapons look awesome. Better than the armor from GoA. I wasn’t too psyched to go back into Leviathan or a Calus-themed dungeon. Boy was I wrong.

There are a couple of reissued weapons, like the Epicurean void fusion rifle and the Fixed Odds solar LMG. I’m not too excited about those, but they are craftable, so it’s more interesting than I initially thought. Whoever designed these new weapons deserves an award. They look so awesome.

There’s Lingering Dread, a stasis GL, New Purpose, a 340 RPM stasis pulse rifle that can roll headstone or desperado, but not both, Unforgiven, a 750 RPM void SMG that feels oh so good to use, and Stormchaser, the first aggressive frame LFR, which quickly became a top DPS option, thanks to it’s 3-round burst that fires a bit like Bastion. It’s arc, so it’ll be great for next season. Also, Heartshadow. It gives a reason to farm the dungeon. They’ve also made all encounters farmable. That means you can run them over and over again for new loot. Granted, it won’t be pinnacles or powerfuls, but they’ll drop

We’ve also discovered that the Master version of the dungeon, 1590, drops pinnacles continuously. There doesn’t seem to be a weekly lockout. I wonder if this is meant on purpose or if it’s a bug. The exotic also has a catalyst, which is already obtainable through the dungeon. The master version drops Artifice armor, armor that has an extra mod slot for seasonal mods. I desperately want those. I always run out of time to farm them.

The dungeon itself revolves around a new mechanic. There are bells scattered around it, and activating them sends you into a nightmare realm. They are pretty fun to use through the different platforming sections. The nightmare realm is different from the normal world. In the boss arenas, you’re on a timer. In the platforming sections, it’s just a great mechanic.

I was definitely surprised to see the Gahlran guy in the Sever mission earlier this week. I thought he might come back. That made me think of Crown of Sorrow. And then, I thought that he would make an interesting encounter. There are three encounters in the dungeon. First is the Gahlran fight. It took a bit of time figuring out exactly what needed to be done. The timer made it difficult at first. Eventually, we used swords to get him down in 2 phases.

The next encounter takes plane in a giant arena. It’s training players to be able to beat the final encounter. You have two flags lit up. You need to clear ads and bell keepers, then go into the nightmare realm to find the right flag bearers. Take the wrong flag and it’s a wipe, so we found it good to be at the right place in order to go the the symbols. The standard bearers spawn in after the ads in that area have been cleared.

Once planted, you’ll face a mini boss and ads. You’ll need to do this two more times, three in total, to finish the encounter. The last encounter combines everything previously learned. Bell keepers need to be killed at 3 locations. Two flags can be gotten at the same time. You’ll need to do this two times in total. Then it’s a DPS phase. You’ll need to break the chains, which will ring the giant bell. Caiatl will transport you to the other realm. Bell keepers need to be killed again. Caiatl will randomly go to a bell. You’ll have to stun her when she gets near to start DPS, which seems low in the first phase, but higher in the later phases. It’s all timed and you need to move around quickly. This is reminiscent of Rhulk.

There’s been talk that the exotic is also farmable. Bungie hasn’t talked much about it, but it seems possible. I have heard talk about people getting the exotic Heartshadow after they’ve done their 3 lootable runs.





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