Wednesday Season 1 Review (Netflix)

I had been looking forward to Wednesday for a while. It’s been a while since we had anything that interesting from Tim Burton, and I was intrigued. There’s always been a fascination with the character of Wednesday Addams, the dead-an morbid comments from a child. In this series, she’s a teenager and played by a teenage star, Jenna Ortega.

I don’t know much about Ortega, but I can say that she played Wednesday exquisitely well. She has incorporated mannerisms, looks, micro expressions, voice inflections that made her character very charming. I was trying to find a super cut of all of her best puns, but failed.

What’s less interesting is the doomy CW like teen drama setting, at a castle which could be easily confused for Hogwart’s. The teen drama is filled with clichés, which could be immersion breaking. They’re a mix of CW tropes mixed in with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn’t find them too bad, but honestly, they could be annoying for some viewers.

Wednesday’s character is what has allowed me to look past the teen drama storylines, which involve different cliques at the school. They all have ridiculous names, like Furries etc. Her parents, including the controversial choice of Luis Guzman, which took me a bit to get used to and Catherine Zeta-Jones, aren’t in many episodes. It’s centered around Wednesday.

The main intrigue involves some murders happening in the town, and Wednesday Addams is hot on the case, assisted by the Sheriff and other people. The murders eventually involve Nevermore Academy. It’s interesting, but you’re not watching this show for the whodunnit. You’re watching it for Wednesday. There are a couple of red herrings and not much gets said about the fact that Wednesday seems to get it wrong a lot of the time, but it’s just background noise.

Everything about Wednesday is delicious to watch. I disregarded the teen drama elements. The supernatural parts weren’t bad. I mostly enjoyed the way that Wednesday interacted with the people around her and her environment. As a special treat, we get to see Fred Armisen as Uncle Fenster for an episode. Episodes 1 to 4 were directed by Tim Burton, and you could definitely tell. I definitely recommend the show. It’s a great diversion.





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