Destiny 2 & The Lull Between Seasons

I wasn’t too impressed with the seasonal storyline so far in Lightfall. The activity is fine, but once you get all of your patterns, triumphs, and engrams, I don’t really see a reason to run this variation of battlegrounds.

I’ve kept a couple of things to do during the lull, but to be honest, since RoN launched, I’ve just been raiding, doing dungeons, and getting back into the proper endgame. I think I lost my drive when I left my previous clan. While it was full of people, it was difficult to schedule raids, which was one of the reasons I left. Two clans funneled better players into an elite clan, in which players just played in cliques. The feeder clans just had people coming in and leaving so quickly that I couldn’t even complete a clan night triumph for Vow or Kingsfall.

Now that the master requirements for RoN have been completed, I don’t know if I will run master RoN again. I’m not impressed with Briar’s Contempt, it performed quite poorly compared to Cataclysmic, I don’t really see a reason to acquire an adept, with the RNG aspect of it. I will just craft it and that will be it. Since I grinded out the Iron Banner shader, I didn’t play the week it came out again. It came back way too quickly and according to my sources, it was pretty painful.

I haven’t run DSC since the weapons got updated last season. The drop rates for red borders were nightmarish, so I wasn’t enthused to waste my time. However, I should have been running DSC at least once a week. It’s the farmable raid this week, and I wanted to finally make some progress on my patterns. Commemoration, Succession, Heritage, are all top tier weapons. I’ve done a fair amount of progress in just one session.

The whole guardian rank system is a complete waste of time. I’ve seen some memes and LFG horror stories on how this is impacting gameplay.

Shut up, PEA—SANT 6s, the 8s and 9s are talking!

It’s not a good system, and since it resets, at least partially, every season, it’s a complete waste.





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