May the 4th Be with You 2023

With the s3 of the Mandalorian finished, the next thing on the Star Wars horizon is the first season of Ashoka in August. At some point, I stopped watching Clone Wars and Rebels. In Rebels, I found that the portrayal of Ezra Bridger was annoying. The kid was too shouty and arrogant. I rewatched all of Rebels because many of the characters will be seen in live action in Ahoska.

I had completely forgotten that Bo Katan made an appearance in Rebels. Katee Sackhoff was also doing her voice work. It was pretty satisfying to see the characters in animated format, knowing that they would appear in live action in August in Ahsoka.

Speaking of Ahsoka, what an amazing trailer! Thrawn is back, meaning that Ezra will be there too, since they left for the Next Beyond/Unknown Regions together. I can’t believe it’s been this long. This series has been 5 years in the making.

The trailer is crazy. We see the Dark Jedi Baylan Skoll and his apprentice Shin. It looks like she’s a former padawan, because of her braid. The music is so good. There is a sequence in which Baylan attacks a Republic ship of some kind. The scene is eerily similar to when Darth Vader attacked the Corellian Corvette on which Princess Leia was with the Death Star blueprints.

We also see Hera, Sabine Wren, there’s even a scene in live action that appeared in animation first at the epilogue of Rebels. It’s eerie. Sabine is using a green lightsaber, probably Ezra’s. at the end of Rebels, Sabine and Ahsoka leave to look for Ezra.

Ahsoka was already crazy good in Mandalorian. It’s going to be great. Well, at least, expectations are high. They were also high for the third season of the Mandalorian. Sadly, it wasn’t that good. Instead of focusing on Din Djarin and Grogu, we got roped into Bo Katan’s story. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this. Actually I know. It’s pretty disappointing, especially when Picard s3 was so much better than this.

The Mandalorian season was also so short, at 8 episodes. There were a couple of good episodes, and it was great seeing Mandalorians fighting together as a unit. It’s like seeing Jedi fighting together. It’s great. There are so many inconsistencies and logical problems in the series, mostly due to bad script writing. It’s sad, because I really liked the previous seasons.

While I like seeing Jedi in animated format, I actually enjoyed the Bad Batch. It was pretty good, minus the clone who dressed up as Rambo. I could have done without that. The reason why I waited to watch it was because it was about clones, not Jedi. It seemed uninteresting. They wrapped up the Kamino clone storyline pretty effectively.





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