WTF Happened to the MCU?

I chose to skip watching Ant-Man 3 in theaters because the reviews looked so bad. I was happy I didn’t go see that turd. I have since watched it, and it’s pretty bad. Holy crap. So here I am, waiting to see if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 would be any good. To my surprise, it got some really good ratings. Many people have been saying it’s pretty good. Ok, so we ended up seeing it tonight. Holy shit. What a waste of time. It’s terrible. Well, it’s barely average. I think why people are enjoying it so much is because it’s just so much better than the last few movies, Wakanda, Ant-man, Thor 4, as well as the most recent TV shows.

I feel I should have skipped the rest of the MCU. What happened? James Gunn tries to make us care about some CGI animals with some cybernetics. WTF. IDGAF.

I’m not sure why the writing is so bad in the most recent movies. Did all the script doctors quit? Is it because they’re on strike? Is it because they just don’t know how to write good movies anymore? It’s plain and simple, the time for superhero movie is over. What’s left is at best something you will eventually stream.

Why is the CGI action so unwatchable? I think it’s due to the camera angles, and that you can barely see what’s going on. The fights look stupid. Angry Joe thought that the hallway fight was good. MF, the atrium fight in the Matrix was good. This was ultra garbo. The Matrix Reloaded Chateau fight was spectacular. This is shit.





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