My name is Range. It has been my nickname since I was 6. Across three continents and four countries, it has followed me like an indelible mark.

I write stuff, create stuff and photograph stuff. I have a doggie named Spike and a kitten named Yoda. I’m also a freelance blogger. I write for Apartment Therapy/Unplggd, Technabob (see archived posts here), SciTechDaily and other online publications. You can check out my posts over there or on this blog. I’ve been a part-time journalist since ’98 in print, web, and radio media. I currently have a few more spots open in my schedule for freelance blog posts and/or articles. Contact me for more details.

I’ve been teaching ESL in Taiwan for years. I studied pure mathematics as a graduate student at NTNU, specializing in Analysis (topology, measure theory, complex analysis, Riemann Surfaces, Manifolds) and Algebraic Structures(Homological Algebras, Commutative Algebras). My thesis focuses on PDEs, which examine the elasticity of rods, modeled in MATLAB, in order to examine the singularities thus generated, and infuse the study of different measures in this project.

I’m fluent in English, French and German. I’m studying Mandarin and working on my Spanish part time (for years without much progress really, since I can’t practice it at all).

You can follow me on Twitter @ djrange. If you know my real name, you can also follow me on Facebook, though I rarely log on. Best way is to contact me via email or Twitter.

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