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  • The AI Comic Series You Need to Read

    This gorgeous comic book series was made using AI. It’s quite interesting and beautiful. The Bestiary Chronicles.

  • Jodorowsky’s Tron

    Jodorowsky’s Tron

    What if Jodorowsky had made Tron? This is what Johnny Darrell tried to imagine using the AI platform Midjourney. I saw this a couple of days ago. Alejandro Jodorowsky has been a cult favorite for many people for a long time. Dune is one of my favorite franchises, and when I dove more into what…

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  • Black Cat

  • Calligraphy Practice

    I’ve been doing pretty well practicing my Copperplate script, so I decided to try out Gothic. It was pretty good. It’s a mix between modern and pointed quadrata minuscule. I think because I have been drilling myself to produce the same letters over and over again in Copperplate, the whole process was fun in Gothic.…

  • CrEwSaDe ASCII Art


  • XKCD Click & Drag

  • Terence Mckenna by loci

  • She Sees a Barer Sky that Does not Bend

    {via but does it float?}