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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel by Gerard Stricher

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Baudrillard by Moebius


Psychedelic drawings by Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius. He’s quite famous in French-speaking countries. I know that I have read all of his bandes dessinées, especially L’Incal.

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More of Jean Giraud

Jean Giraud


Horizon Notations by Jorinde Voigt

Horizon Notations by Jorinde Voigt

Horizon Notations by Jorinde Voight

Horizon Notations by Jorinde Voigt

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Cosmos by Nicolas Sassoon

Cosmos by Nicolas Sassoon

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Feixen by Felix Pfäffli

by Felix Pfäffli, Feixen, László Moholy-Nagy

László Moholy-Nagy By Felix Pfäffli {via butdoesitfloat}

Pavel Tchelitchew

Inacheve 1957

It is told in the Orient of the Hindu god Krishna that his mother, wiping his mouth when he was a child, inadvertently peered in and beheld the universe, though the sight was mercifully and immediately veiled from her.

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Amy Shackleton

Amy Shackleton The Hidden City

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