Blade Runner Stiletto Cop Heels Make You Want to Get Pulled Over

These futuristic illuminated police stiletto heels are kind of look like a strange fusion of vehicles and shoes. I don’t really know why these are necessary, but hey, if they make police officers more visible they might be relevant at some point.

stiletto police heels shoes

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Kinekt Gear Ring: The Only Ring A Geek Would Ever Want

This unique creation looks to me like one cool ring, one of the rare rings that I’m actually interested in, other than the One ring to rule them all.


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Nike Year of the Tiger Classic Cortez

Nike Year of the Tiger Cortez Classic

These shoes are going to be released by Nike for the upcoming Chinese New Year, which is going to be in two weeks. They are based upon the Classic Cortez and I have to say that I kind of like them, even though the fake fur is a bit much.

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Apple Tablet Designs Surface (From 1983)

Back in the ’80s, Apple was already thinking about a tablet-like computer. These are the early prototypes that were created all the way back in 1983.

apple tablet mac computer retro

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History of the Ampersand

History of the Ampersand

Gerald has linked to a great article on the history of the ampersand. I found it fascinating. The article is actually more than that. It’s got a short history and lots of photos about ampersands in media and type. {via presurfer}

You can see the evolution of the ampersand below (1 is like the original Roman ligature, 2 and 3 are from the fourth century, and 4-6 are from the ninth century).

Al Gore Is A Typomaniac

Old Brioni font vs new Brioni font

Looks like Al Gore is also a typomaniac,

A person who is obsessed with typography, or more generally with the business of printing and publishing 2006, Neil Macmillan, An A-Z of Type Designers[1], ISBN 0300111517, page 166:

Snakes On A Bus

Advertisement for the Copenhagen Zoo

I thought that this ad for the Copenhagen Zoo was really interesting. It’s actually an ad printed on a bus.

Snakes on this bus