mission impossible 3 2006

nobody cares that ethan hunt is going to get married or finally has a life. all everybody cares about in an m:i movie are the explosions and the action. its like a bond film by americans. its easy to see that tomkat probably had too much input into this movie. he should just shut up and tried to act. as always, he plays the same part in every movie. abrams, while a good tv producer, should have sticked with lost and alias or spent more effort refining the plot. interesting to see his abramsian actors in this movie, keri russel (felicity) and greg grunberg (alias).

i do hate it when they take the idea of the box out of ronin (1998) and include it in this pathetic action flick. i mean, come on. ive watched ronin a dozen times, the action scenes are incredible, even if robert deniro squints and repeats himself a lot, like in all his movies, this was still a really good flick. when i bought a dvd player in 1999, this was one the the first dvds i bought. the others, ghost in the shell, taxi 2 among others. getting back on subject, the bad guys are going to buy the rabbits foot, a code named wmd. or thats what the good guys suppose it is. thing is, we never find out what it is. i think you can get used to this plot gimmick, but you always seem to come back to it. whats in the fucking box? and why are you torturing us by not telling us whats in it?

after capote, i cant believe that philip seymor hoffman played a bad guy in this movie. then again, he did play a loser in along came polly. probably the best thing in this movie is the orange lamborghini gallardo. it gets blown up. just like this movie blows.
and tomkat got his tomkitten finally. what a laugh! this movie is a rental.

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running scared 2006

i saw running scared last weekend. i was relatively surprised at how entertaining it was. production, cinematography and some nice plots. at the end, the plot twists seem like something out of 24, but they are still entertaining. i enjoyed watching this thriller for adults, with nudity and violence. no soft pg13 rating here. graphic violence like something out of zatoichi (2003) with takeshi kitano. most american audiences will have problems with that. those that are somewhat versed in asian cinema will enjoy these scenes in an american movie. wayne kramer, writer and director of this film, did a decent job. its not the type of movie youd expect out of hollywood. but ever since hostel, there is a definite movie towards more gory movies. this is just another spin on it. more european in its production. imdb credits this as a german/usa production.

the acting was decent. vera farmiga played one sexy wife, some enjoyable scenes at the beginning of the move, johnny messner played a good bad guy right off his stint in the tv cancelled tv show killer instinct, and paul walker… well paul walker plays the same part in all his movies, with lots of screaming and shouting. and possible some running. but like tom cruise in minority report, it doesnt take too much away from the entertainment factor.

kramer tries to pull himself off as a new guy ritchie, david fincher or quentin tarantino. he does fall short of those directors. i own most ritchie, fincher and tarantino movies. i would not want to buy running scared. its a rental for a night with the guys.

reading rotten tomatoes and mr cranky gives any movie a new perspective.

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fifth gear

2006-Aston-Martin-Rapide-Concept-SA-Headlights-1600x1200.jpgthere is another car show in britain called fifth gear. ive read that its from the producers of top gear. the concept is quite similar, though they recruited racing car drivers to be the hosts. one of the funny things, is that the only way they could compete with top gear, was to give a car away every week! hilarious. the is ok. 2 seasons ago they made it a full hour. its on channel five in the uk. the thing is though, that any tom dick and harry can do a car show. to make it entertaining and funny, you need chemistry between the hosts. which is what top gear has. loads of. enough that ive watched all of the seasons twice already, given them to my father-in-law and recommended it to my friends.

anyways, i liked the m5 vs m6 comparo, but we already know who would end up on top. the m6 by a whisker. nice to know that maserati fixed the tranny on the quattroporte. but aston martin in coming out the the rapide, a four door supercar. it looks smashingly gorgeous compared to the quirky quattroporte.

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last weeks lost episode

i just watched it. i was pleasantly surprised. the show was somewhat compelling. im looking forward to how this season will end. a lot of castaways have died this season, which is surprising. i want to learn more of the dharma initiative and the whole purpose of these experiments. especially the monsters. we havent seen any in some time.

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ladytron witching hour

ladytron witching hourim listening to the last ladytron album right now. im really liking the song destroy everything you touch. very groovy. i think i enjoy hearing women sing. most of the recent indie bands that i like have women singers. i was listening to mathew modine from pony up! in the car today. i read today that their music is what we call cuddlecore. i find it interesting to hear interesting lyrics for a change. "oh mathew modine, we want to be your blowjob queens!"

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top gear

for some reason, i had to watch top gear last night. that meant i got to bed too late, did not cook the dogs food and slept about 3 hours. i had some appointments today, trapped spike in his crate while i took a shower. i came back at 2 and started cooking the dogs food. i figured out that his food is pretty cheap. i bought the cheapest rice possible and some chicken legs. about 7.5 CAD. thats about enough for the month. i do have to had some chicken bones into his stew, but i recycle those from our food, as well as some brocoli stems and carrots.

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degrees of separation

so i was thinking about this while listening to the sounds cd in my car. this is how discovered some new music. i have to mention that i only listen to the cbc, i have grown tired of listening to commercial radio since i had been a radio dj for 8 years. its either my own cds or cbc radio one. its like im my father. at least i dont listen to indian music though. not that there anything wrong with that, but everyone has their one taste.

back to the sounds, i was catching up on csi miami a few weeks ago. for some reason, csi miami has got good musical production for their episode scores. i discovered juliet this way. anyways, i heard metric, whom i already knew, and this band i found real funky, with these nice synth harmonies and glam rock vocals and guitars. checked out this csi guide website with all music per episode listed and found out the band was the sounds. i was surprised to find out that they were a swedish band. after i had the album, i got obsessed in finding out if feist was on the cover. after doing some research, i found out that leigh lezark and her pal alexis paige were on the cover page. i had also been listening to the cbc again, freestyle from 2 to 4, and heard two band that i liked. postal service and pony up!. looked them up too and listened to them in the car. pretty nifty. i had heard that pony up! was from montreal too. they are an all girl band.

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