Achieved Inbox Zero This Week

A screenshot from my desktop and Gmail inbox

It took me a while, probably a few months, but I finally managed to achieve Inbox Zero.

The trick is to still keep all of your emails, treat your inbox as a to-do list, and archive those emails that you have already addressed. I find that this system works very well, even if I do get between 10-30 emails a day. Things would rapidly spiral out of control. I create virtual folders using labels. Using punctuation marks or symbols like @ enables the folders to appear first.

I also create rules to automatically label incoming emails from senders who email me frequently. While I do not auto-archive them, I do archive them quickly enough.

Unlike some other adopters of Inbox Zero, I do not use the Gmail notifier app nor do I use GTalk. I find those disruptive and it’s a lot better to check your emails a few times a day, at set times. I check my email about 3-5 times a day, no more.

The other thing that I’ve done is cutting down on social networking. I do use Twitter, but other than that, except blogging, I don’t do anything else. I find it pointless and time consuming.

Facebook is a prime example. I have loads of acquaintances that are my friends on FB. The trouble is that I honestly don’t want to know about everyone all of the time. Creating fake connections is also something that I do not like or enjoy.

I keep contact with the people I like through emails. I’ve stopped publishing content on FB for a while now. I’ve thought about deleting everything, but decided not to. I won’t be closing my FB account either. It still has some uses.

iPad: The Maxipad Of Tablets

The back of the iPad

Apple had their must touted event yesterday which launched their unfortunately named tablet onto the masses. I can appreciate good design and great products, though I’m not an Apple fan-boy.

Let’s get one thing straight. You won’t be using your iPad to game. You’ll be trying to pass the time while you’re on public transport or something like that and you’ll be playing some games, though no Flash games, which makes this a bit annoying.

No flash=no Hulu

That’s a pretty bad equality to start out with.

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Never Enough Notebooks

I’ve currently got 6 Moleskines and 4 Rhodia stapled A4 notebooks. I’ve got a few other notebooks that are lying around, including two teNeues Magneto Blanks, but I just tested them and they won’t be used for any note-taking. Why? The paper is pretty cheap and fountain pen ink tends to bleed a bit too much. Actually, it bleeds enough so that the writing is close to being illegible. The magnetic clasp is a really good idea, but it makes the notebook uneven. I prefer the simpler MS design that uses a paper of better quality. That’s what it all boils down to. That being said, if I find other manufacturers that make great notebooks, I’m always keen to try them out.

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Matt Mullenweg: The Way I Work

Matt Mullenweg is the main driving force being WP and he just posted a rewrite on an article that was recently published in Inc. Magazine. The reason for this is that all of The Way I Work articles are written in the 1st person, even if Matt didn’t write his. His version is annotated and includes lots of links. I found it inspiring.

How To Set-Up A Portable Personal Nerve Center

How to set-up a portable personal nerve center.

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