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  • Afghanistan April 2011 @ The Big Picture

  • Confusion of Feelings & Death of Osama bin Laden

    Whatever sort of emotional response I may have had on hearing the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces was immediately confused by everyone else’s response. Jessa Crispin @ The Smart Set My thoughts exactly.

  • He’s Dead – Americans Celebreate the Death of Osama bin Laden

    Someone mentioned something about the death of Osama Bin Laden this morning (that would be around 9-10PM EST), but it took me a while to realize what exactly he was talking about. He had gotten a message from someone on his phone, via Twitter, email, Facebook, or IM, and mentioned it in passing. I was…

  • Mark Singer on Trump

    Marc Singer has a good article about Trump in the New Yorker. Ever since I became aware of his bubbling birtherism, he’s totally lost any respect that I had for him.

  • Donald Trump The Birther Over at NYT & Gail Collins

    I don’t know what’s going on with Donald Trump, but he’s become a birther and he’s proud of it. Egomania breeds idiocy. Vote for Donald Trump, the man who can make Bill O’Reilly look like the most sensible guy in the room. Trump’s main argument for why he should be taken seriously as a presidential…

  • Reception of the French National Team In France

    On Thursday, as France’s national soccer team returned home after its abject failure at the World Cup in South Africa, and were met by riot police sent to protect them from their fans, haters of the team, and the country, continued to heap scorn on the squad now blamed for sullying the nation’s honor. ★…

  • Chatroulette’s Creator Is Revealed

    The creator of the random webcam chat site Chatroulette was revealed as a Russian teenager.

  • Velocite Geos

    Victor just announced that he’s testing a new lightweight frame that will be called the Geos. It’s going to be very light, something like the Storck Fascenario 0.7, but a little more affordable. In his post, Victor promises that it will be reasonable. The Geos won’t be as stiff as the Magnus or the Helios,…

  • Even In The US Better Off Drinking Bottled Water

    One of the annoying things of living in Taiwan is that the tap water isn’t safe to drink. We buy filtered water. Homes have filtering system installed as well, making tap water safe, but our apartment lacks them. It seems like buying bottled water to drink is also a safe precaution to take in the…

  • Real Time Web Vs Traditional Media

    I found this article on CrunchGear quite interesting. From time to time on the gadget blogs, you get some good articles. This was one of them. It discusses the different points and advantages of real time web, mainly via Twitter, compared to traditional news outlets such as blogs and cable news. The article says that…