Dyslexic Six-Year Old Mexicans in Just For the Record

Was this written by a dyslexic six-year old Mexican? If not, have you considered hiring one for the rewrite?
Wilson Barnes in Just For The Record

Assorted US Crime Show Quotes

Without the storms, we’d have no rainbows.
Page in Saving Grace S03E17

You four are like an incompetence machine!
The Chief to Shawn, Gus, and the 2 retired coppers in Psych S05E06

Nothing undermines your way of life more than the taking of it.
Comissioner Reagen in BlueBloods S01E11

You’re like a devourer of dreams. You’re like a little pacman in cargo pants.
Danno to Steve, Hawaii Five-0, S01E17

It’s like a danger cupcake with murder icing.
Hardisson in Leverage S04E01

The Fast & the Furious Quotes

He’s like gravity. People are just pulled towards him.
Jordana Brewster as Mia

I live my life a quarter mile at a time, nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, not the store, not the team and their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less… I’m free.
Dom in The Fast & The Furious

Necessary Roughness Quotes

The road code.
What happens on the road stays on the road.
Necessary Roughness S01E07

Because jail time is anytime.
Nico Necessary Roughness S01E07

Bored to Death Quotes

His father was a child psychologist, and made him sleep in a box. It aged him prematurely.
Richard Antrem Bored to Death S02E02

I don’t understand why he’s having an affair with his ex-wife. That’s like wasting a divorce.
Ray in Bored to Death S02E02

A Few UK Crime Drama Quotes

Litton is a little lying bastard weasel boy, trust me.
Gene Hunt in Ashes to Ashes S03E05

I’ll say this for tragedy: clears the mind like an acid bath.
Sam, father of a murdered child in Inspector Lynley S06E01

We’re police officers. The law doesn’t apply to us.
Jack in Vexed S01E02

In those days, my morality was fluid
Lucas North Spooks S09E07

Betrayal is a cancer, let it eat your soul.
Harry Pierce Spooks S09E07

An cultural archetype, a dream figure from the mass unconscious.
Grace in Waking the Dead S09E04

Susan Ma in the Apprentice UK Quotes

Are the French really fond of their children?
Do a lot of people drive in France?
Do the French go camping?
I know nothing about the French and their culture.
Susan Ma in The Apprentice UK S07E08

You don’t have to be have been in France to answer the questions “Do the French like their children?”. That really is just beyond stupid.
Karen in The Apprentice UK S07E08

Hercule Poirot & Ms Marple Quotes

Old sins cast long shadows, Madame.
Poirot  in Halloween Party

Mind you, she’s always did have a that sort of ripe look like a piece of fruit that’s about to go off.
Dolly in The Mirror Crack’d Marple S05E04

She’s a sweet girl, soothingly stupid.
Hogg about Lola Brewster Marple S05E04

Centurion Quotes

Even the earth wants us death
Centurion Quintus Dias

Come the dawn, we count our losses and sow the earth with our dead.
Centurion Quintus Dias

In training, he’s our scholar, at the feast, he is our father, at the ranks, he is our brother, and in battle he is the god we pray to save our soul.

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