Category: sleep

  • 37 Hours

    Stayed awake for 37 hours because of an exam I had on Monday. After the exam, I had four hours of classes, I taught for 2 hours and went home to write another article that was due for 8:30PM. I managed to go to bed earlier than usual, but not early enough to get to […]

  • Sleeping Weekend

    This week, I managed to go to bed pretty early, between 8:30 and 10:30 PM and wake up pretty early, between 3 and 7:30AM. It’s Saturday and I’ve been up for an hour and half. I like being up in the mornings, it’s a very productive period. A lot more productive than nights, since I […]

  • Tired and Sleeping

    The weekend was pretty crazy. I slept a lot. I woke up at 10PM on Sunday night and did my things. I thought I’d go back to bed, but that didn’t happen. I had work on Monday morning followed by 6 hours of classes. When I arrived home, I promptly went to bed at around […]

  • Dispensed

    My program director told me that I wouldnt’ have to do Principles of Logic this term. He told me that I would be dispensed from doing that class, which I found pretty cool. Yesterday, I had 6 hours of classes plus two hours of work. It adds up. There are three projects that I plan […]

  • Fleeting Sleep and School

    After the holidays, I finally managed to catch up on some sleep. I can’t remember when I last slept 8 hours in a row, probably back in December. School has started up again and it’s going to be a challenging semester. I’ll have 4 or 5 classes. Fractals and and Introduction to Dynamic Systems Analysis […]

  • Termination Dreams

    For some reason, all of the terminators have sensor problems. They are everywhere and about to terminate everyone, but they can’t put one foot in front of the other in a quick manner. They are extremely slow. Still, you have to avoid them, because even if a terminator is slow, it can still bite your […]

  • Power Nap

    I took a power nap today. I went to bed at around 1:30AM. As usual, I got up at 7:30AM. It wasn’t enough. Today is my busiest day, so I only had an hour and half between classes at lunch.