A Cherry Blossom On The Storytree


Just a quick word to say that the service on Cathay Pacific was great, but the food wasn’t too good this time around, at least I got to talk with a 1.76m tall Chinese stewardess who told me that if she had 5 dollars for every time somebody asked her that, she would be a millionaire. Actually, I explained, I didn’t mean it like that. My wife and I both think you could be a model or a TV actress. Naturally, the last part of the conversation I only said in my head, but still the flight attendants on Cathay Pacific are especially attractice.

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The Storytree: The Roots, Origin And The First Leaf

If there is :one thing that I really enjoy, it is the concept of the storytree.

Taken out of Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show and Everville novels, the storytree holds the stories of everybody on each different leaf. The storytree is made of a multitude of stories and leaves, all different from eachother. Some intersect on the same branches, other diverge and never combine.

It is the Alder Bole, Yggdrasill, the World Tree, imagined and made real.

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