A German Cabbage Leaf, Growing Entangled With The Storytree

After I had been blogging and surfing the net in an uncomfortable situation at the Phuket aiport, I discovered that I had a virus on my 8GB CF card, that I use to take pictures. I had been suspecting this for a few days. I knew I had picked something up in one of those Thai internet cafés.

I was in the midst of getting rid of the virus using Avast, when I heard some more Germans come into the waiting area of the Phuket airport. We had just checked in and were awaiting our flight at the departure gate.

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A British Chestnut Leaf On The Storytree

From one of my Thailand Chronicles Posts

He is a Brit who lives here and does periodical visa runs to Myanmar. He just had a daughter from his Thai wife and runs his bar. Interesting chap. He said he loves it here, though he does go back each summer to England for 6 weeks.

One night, last Wednesday after visiting the fair and Wat Chalong in Phuket, Thailand, my friend and I went out to a bar near Hat Rawai. We sat down and I got a coke because they didn’t have any Fantas or fresh juices. The owner of the bar came to see us after he finished a game of pool.

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An Indian Waterlilly Pleasantly Attached To The Storytree

When I was waiting for my wife to check which aisle we had to check-in for our flight to Taipei in Suvarnabhumi airport, an old Indian woman accosted me. She asked me if I was Indian. I told her that my parents were, but that I was Canadian. My wife and I were teaching English in Taiwan.

Really, she said. I am Canadian as well, from Calgary.

That is great I replied.

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A Banyan Leaf Of The Storytree


I met a young man named Emir. At first, I thought that he was a Frenchman, but he told me that he was from Oman, heading from Phuket to Bangkok and then visiting Pattaya, nightclub and whore central in Thailand. I thought I heard his uncle talk in French, but it must have been someone else. His uncle has a young Thai woman with him and probably more than one wife at home in Oman.

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A Cherry Blossom On The Storytree


Just a quick word to say that the service on Cathay Pacific was great, but the food wasn’t too good this time around, at least I got to talk with a 1.76m tall Chinese stewardess who told me that if she had 5 dollars for every time somebody asked her that, she would be a millionaire. Actually, I explained, I didn’t mean it like that. My wife and I both think you could be a model or a TV actress. Naturally, the last part of the conversation I only said in my head, but still the flight attendants on Cathay Pacific are especially attractice.

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The Storytree: The Roots, Origin And The First Leaf

If there is :one thing that I really enjoy, it is the concept of the storytree.

Taken out of Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show and Everville novels, the storytree holds the stories of everybody on each different leaf. The storytree is made of a multitude of stories and leaves, all different from eachother. Some intersect on the same branches, other diverge and never combine.

It is the Alder Bole, Yggdrasill, the World Tree, imagined and made real.

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