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  • CNET using AI to Write Articles

    CNET has quietly been using AI software to write articles. So far, it appears that 73 articles have been written and published. “CNET Money Staff” is the tagline.

  • The AI Comic Series You Need to Read

    This gorgeous comic book series was made using AI. It’s quite interesting and beautiful. The Bestiary Chronicles.

  • How to Spot Synthetic Text

    As AI generated text becomes more difficult to differentiate from human created text, it becomes important for us to be able to tell the difference. MIT’s Technology Review analyzes the current available tools.

  • Sam Bankman-Fried – The FTX/Alameda Research Collapse

    Sam Bankman-Fried – The FTX/Alameda Research Collapse

    I have been keeping up with the latest crypto crash of 2022. Hot off the heels of The Terra Luna collapse of earlier this year, which, in turn, caused the collapse of Celsius, Voyager, and others, the FTX collapse has impacted BlockFi (which also filed for bankruptcy protection), and could cause Gemini to collapse as…

  • 2015 Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Earphones Update & Warranty Claims In Asia

    I noticed some strange behavior in the last week or so with the Jabra Sport Coach. They would mysteriously disconnect from my phone. Reconnect some time later. The charge would last about an hour instead of five. The volume buttons weren’t responsive anymore.

  • 2015 Jabra Sport Coach Earphones Review

    After my last promo pair of earphones crapped out, and I decided that it was too tedious to go through a replacement policy, I went and finally got myself some Bluetooth earphones. I wanted good ones, but not too expensive. I settled on the Jabra Sport Coach Earphones. They were available locally for $105.

  • Smartphone Stories: iPhone 6 Plus First Impression & Review

    I’ve had bad luck with Android phones. Granted, my 2013 HTC One M8 lasted until last year, when I lost it while riding on my scooter in an unfamiliar place while it was raining. It got run over a few times by cars. I reported it lost at the nearest police station, and after a…

  • 2015 KTM Super Duke 1290 R & Quick Shifting

    I was a bit sad to realize that the Super Duke’s engine cannot support any kind of quick shifter. There have been reports of engine blowouts once these have been used with quick shifters, and the warranty is voided once you fit one on your SDR. BMW, Ducati, and MV Agusta have models that come…

  • Apple Watch Event “Spring Forward”

    Just like almost everyone in the technology world and beyond, I spent time watching the liveblog of the Apple Watch event a few days ago. First things first, the new 12″ MacBook looks great. It fits in great with the current product line, and it will be a great replacement for my MacBook Pro 17,…

  • Chinese Star N9500 Phone Comes Pre-Installed with Malware

    Plenty of phones comes with bloatware, but most of the time, manufacturers tend to limit the scope of these and won’t include malware. Well, the Chinese seem to have taken it up a notch, and will deliver you a phone that comes standard with malware! Read more: