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Synthetic Molecule Destroys Key Allergy-Inducing Complexes


A new synthetic molecule has been used to destroy the complexes that induce allergic responses, a discovery that could lead to highly potent, rapidly acting interventions for a host of acute allergic reactions.

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My Daily Tweets 09-09-23-12

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My Daily Tweets 09-06-08-12

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My Daily Tweets 09-04-05-12

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My Daily Tweets 08-30-09-04-12

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@djrange: my tweets

  • This is the 1st & last Saturday I've worked in a long time~ 43 minutes ago
  • Ppl want to sub, they don't want to commit to a 1-year contract~ 43 minutes ago
  • I was looking for a p/t sub. I posted a FB ad. I found a suitable candidate within minutes. I had a lot more difficulty finding p/t teachers~ 44 minutes ago
  • All this extra work adds up to more paid time off for CNY~ 46 minutes ago
  • My dog's like Meh, I don't wanna take a shit in wet grass #wtf~ 47 minutes ago



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