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Survivor Cagayan Havoc to Wreak S28E11 (CBS)

Back at camp, the main alliance is still reeling from another blindside. Kass doesn’t like the way it went down. Kass also didn’t like the way that it’s going for her. She starts talking back to Tony.

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Survivor Cagayan Sitting in My Spy Shack S28E09 (CBS)

So Tony blindsided LJ and his alliance last week. It’s going to fall apart for Tony. Jefra immediately asks who flipped. Tony puts his hand up and tells them that Woo also voted against LJ. Trish still trusts Tony. Spencer is surprised by how many big moves Tony is making.

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Survivor Cagayan Mad Treasure Hunt S28E07 (CBS)

Sarah became the first member of the jury in the last episode. Back at camp, Spencer thinks that Kass made a bad move.

She will go wherever her estrogen takes her, not her brain.
Spencer on Kass

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Survivor Cagayan Head of the Snake S28E06 (CBS)

The Aparri tribe is talking about Alexis getting evicted and crying. They sort of bond. Spencer wants to merge so that they can control the tribe. They talk about their final six. WTF. Totally ridiculous.

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Survivor Cagayan Our Time to Shine S28E03 (CBS)

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Morgan is the new bottom player in the Beauty tribe. She asks Jeremiah what made him change his mind to vote with the numbers. She does it in front of everyone. She tries to sway Alexis with her plans. However it does kind of make her worry about Jeremiah’s allegiance.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water It’s My Night S27E14-15 (CBS)

Who actually watches these recaps?

The tribe is back and they are talking. Monica isn’t happy. Ciera wants her mom back in the game. We’ll see what happens. Tyson wants Monica and Gervase to go with him to the finals. He shows the idol to Monica and Gervase as a countermove in order to stop any dalliances with returning players. Monica wants to be on both sides, to maximize her chances of winning.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Out On a Limb S27E13 (CBS)

Katie joins her mom at Redemption. Tina isn’t sure she will be able to compete in the duel.

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