maja ivarsson, feist

the sounds singer has a very raw, trashy and nice accent when she sings. another swedish blonde bombshell. reminds me of nina persson from the cardigans. though their voices are not at all the same. reminds me of leslie feist. she's got a new disc out of remixes and remakes. i think that inside and out is one of her best songs (on let it die), even if she didn't write that one. the bee gees did.

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memoirs on a rainy day

the title of this blog is from my journal that i started at age 15. i think this blog will be more diverse than my journals, maybe somewhat less personal, but hopefully entertaining.

still listening to the sounds – dying to say this to you – running out of turbo.

swedish bands. my favorites, kent, the cardigans.

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active vs passive managed

there always will be a debate whether an active managed fund is better than a passive or non managed fund. a non managed fund, like barclays iUnits exchange traded funds, are funds in which the stocks and titles which constitute it are not sold on under performance. etf's follow the indices of the stock market. an active managed fund, like jarislowsky's funds generally perform above the indicies and actively sell and buy stocks and titles which are included in the fund.

in these questions, the main thing is to do better than the current inflation rate, which is at 3%. if the tsx index did 12 % last year, inlation was 3%, and the Management Expense Ratio was 0.45%, the net gain was 8.75%. if the fund is actively managed, MER are a lot more, between 2.4%-2.8%. the important thing is to do consistenly better than the index. and remember past gains are not a guarantee of future gains.

i think the important thing to remember is to always think about diversification in your portfolio. this way, you can always reap the benefits of both strategies.

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the smith manoeuvre

continuing on my financial musings, the smith manoeuvre is simply a financial manoeuvre to make your mortgage tax deductible in canada. this is not a problem in the US where you can already deduct the interest on a mortgage. in canada, this is not possible. a portion of the interest can be deducted if you work from home or are self employed. most of us end up paying our house or condo 2-3 times its actual worth. the way to do this is to use the equity built up in your home to invest in the markets, in your own business or in real estate. this loan toward an investment is tax deductible in canada. for any money you pay off on your mortgage, your reborrow this money for investment purposes and end up with what we call only good debt. good debt is debt on which the interest is tax deductible. bad debt is where the interest is not.

the smith manoeuvre is used to convert bad debt into good debt. for most families, the smith manoeuvre can substantially reduce the interest payments. and using an all in one product like manulife one, you can save even further. an all in one product combines a credit line, a mortgage, a savings account, a chequing account and a credit. the main philosophy is to save as much as possible the daily compound interest that you pay on your mortgage.

though i would not suggest to invest the whole equity directly in the stock market, i do think that as long as the interest gained on the equity is higher than the interest on the loan (minus the deductible interest since this interest is deductible and you will get a refound from the CRA in proportion to your marginal tax rate) you are in good shape.

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capital protected structured notes

its been a few years since structured financial products have been on the rise. structured notes protect the capital that is invested for a number of years, caps the maximum interest each year. a good alternative to bonds, since canadian bonds have not been doing so well due to higher interest rates. structures notes enable the investor to expose his portfolio to the stockmarket without too much risk. for example, one captial protected structured note from citigroup follows 8 different stock market indicies all over the world. it has compound interest capped out at 10% each year, a 2% MER at the purchase of the note, no other MER later on, and a vibrant secondary market where notes are sold 6 months to a year after purchase at 103% to 127% over stock price.

one of the negative aspects is that if the markets are negative, the interest will be negative, so clients will have to wait until the note matures before cashing in only the guaranteed capital. still, not a lot of investments guarantee capital, so this might be a nice alternative to stocks and bonds.

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dying to say this to you cover photo

since listening about the sounds and hearing their album – two tracks were on csi miami a few weeks ago, i got the album dying to say this to you. i thought that leslie feistbroken social scene, was the girl on the left. actually new york misshapes dj leigh lezark is on the left and her friend alexis paige is on the right.

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horripilations was my baby. an electronic magazine concentrating on music reviews and event reviews. its offline and in french, i might put it up again for archival purposes. horripilations tied into my radio shows that i had on CHYZ 94.3 FM and CISM in montreal. i used to do it part time. but when i moved to montreal in mid 2003, i did not have the time anymore. it coincided with my break from music which lasted until last year i think.

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the sounds

the sounds got me going all crazy. ive been a hard techno / minimal techno dj for the last 8 years. there was a time that i listened only to electronic music and disdained any instruments. there even was a time when i completely stopped listening to music and stropped djing and concentrated on my career. and then i got back in. right now i am immensely enjoying indie rock. ive always been a fan of the 80s music, depeche mode, duran duran, the cure and all that. and ive always like swedish bands like kent. but the sounds. wow. really rocked out in a cool harmonic way. i love running out of turbo, 24 hours and painted numbers. speaking of indie rock, i recently discovered pony up! from montreal, on the cbc of all places.

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veronica mars season 2 finale

pretty cool, watched it this week. some interesting suprises, but we all knew that woody was bad. this finale wraps up most of the intrigue of the last 2 seasons. i find veronicas sardonic and sarcastic humour quite entertaining.

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lamborghini murcielago lp640

its being called the enzo killer, lamborghini unveils the lp640 version of the murcielago supercar. its design has barely aged since its september 2001 launch. 640 bhp with a 6.5l v12 engine. i think it looks smashing and cant wait jeremy clarkson to review it on top gear. the no nonsense interior carbon fiber, vaguely reminding of the bmw m3 csl, the beautiful lines and the spectacular exhaust make this an exquisite supercar. i especially like the dark gray body on black wheels. its going to be offered at 15-20K$ above the price of the "normal" murcielago. audi has been making good work with lambo. im impressed with audi / vw group. from bentleys to the bugatti veyron, they are really pushing it.

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