Nike LeBron 11 Shoes: Lighter Than Ever

The latest Nike LeBron James branded footwear has been unveiled, and it’s looking like it will be a very lightweight shoe. Previous models were a bit bulkier, which was both good and bad.

nike lebron james 11 basketball shoe sneaker

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Bus Stories And How It Sucks

It sucks when you are just a minute or so late on your daily schedule and you see the bus going by. You just missed it by a minute. There is no way that you will catch it. This bus only comes by once every thirty minutes.

It sucks when you wait for 40 minutes for a 10 minute bus ride home.

It sucks when the bus driver tells all the passengers to get off the bus to get on another bus right behind us because we are running too late.

It sucks when a 30 minute errand turns into a 90 minute one thanks to the bus.