New Glass: Nikon 18-55 MM VR

It took actually someone to remind me that I had been wanting this lens for quite some time, ever since I read Ken Rockwell’s impressions of the lens.

This lens is sharp, cheap and comes in a D60 kit. That’s one of the reasons why I paid $126 for this lens. Prices for this lens range between $126-$150 at the shops on HanKou St. in Taipei.

The hardest part was actually finding a parking spot for my scooter. I took the opportunity to have my camera sensor cleaned. I didn’t feel like doing it myself. It took a few minutes and voilà!

The 18-55 VR is a great lens to have. The only problem is mount the which is made out of plastic instead of metal. That’s no problem. If it breaks after 5 years, you can always get another one.

Instead of waiting to get the 12-24mm f/4, I’ve found a few great cheap lenses to explore, after using almost exclusively the 18-200mm VR for over a year.

Next lens?

The 50mm f/1.8. Price? I’ve been told that I can pay $66 for it. That’s for a new lens.

Thailand Wat Phra Kaew – Initial Shots

Well, I’ve started going through my archives. For some reason, Zooomr has trouble with the tag words that I added to my photos. Bear in mind that I have 10234 photos uploaded and since they went into Mark III, searching through my photos is tedious at best.

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