Nerfing Festival of the Lost Was Stupid

Last week, Festival of the Lost launched. It’s different enough to make people play, but there are some elements that I didn’t agree with. Swiftly as they could, by Thursday, reset was on Tuesday, Bungo had nerfed the most efficient farming methods to acquire Spectral Pages, which were Wrathborn Hunts, Expunges, and the current nightfall, The Lake of Shadows. That royally sucked, because when I went back to play on the weekend, the best way to acquire Spectral Pages was to do public events in the EDZ. FML.

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The State of Trials of Osiris In Season of the Chosen (Destiny 2 S13)

Trials has always been an issue with the D2 community. There’s this meme of how they wanted to ship trials right. Instead, we got a playlist populated by cheaters and account recoveries, also ultra sweat lords.

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