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  • Ran out of Makeup? Just 3D-Print Some More with Mink!

    3D printers are becoming quite popular, and there seems to be no end in sight about the things that they can output. However, this is the first time I’ve heard anything about one that can print makeup. Read more: http://technabob.com/blog/2014/05/08/mink-3d-makeup-printer/#ixzz3517PnA1e

  • 3D Print Your Own Android

    There are plenty of robots around, but if you could ever 3D-print your own robot at home, that would be taking it to another level. Most of today’s robots tend to look quite machine-like, but humanoid robots are the future. Now, a French artist wants to give everyone plans to make their own androids. Read…

  • Dutch Architects Plan to 3D Print a House!

    3D printing has come a long way, and the devices have become affordable enough for people to have them in their homes. Now, a Dutch architecture studio is planning on construction a complete house using a 3D printer. Read more @ Technabob

  • 3D Printing Using DNA Could Make Drugs

    New technology that combines the computer-aided design software inSequio with nanoscale fabrication technology could allow for the 3D printing of drugs using DNA. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • NASA’s 3-D Printing of Rocket Engine Parts Might Boost Larger Manufacturing Trend

    NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) is its first heavy-lift booster rocket since Saturn 5 took US astronauts to the moon. SLS will play a central role in the future of American spaceflight, but might also provide a critical test for technology expected to revamp the country’s ailing manufacturing industry. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Molecular Bio-Printing of Drugs Could Result in Emailed Vaccines

    Emailing biological molecules, using 3D biological printers, might seem like science-fiction, but Craig Venter discussed the idea at the Wired Health Conference in New York. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Stone Spray Robot, The In Situ Robotic 3D Printer

    The Stone Spray robot was created as a 3D printer to produce architecture out of soil. While technically speaking, this robot wasn’t designed to create art, the results of its efforts and the research project sure look like some interesting sculptural works. Read more @ Technabob

  • MakerBot Mixtape: 3D Print an MP3 Player

    Using cassettes to create mixtapes was a fun time to spend an afternoon when you were a kid. There’s something oddly pleasing about this analog media format. Thankfully, if you’ve got a MakerBot in your shed, you can make a modern version of the mixtape, by 3D printing an MP3 player in the shape of…

  • Drexel University Researchers to 3D-Print Dinosaur Bones

    Researchers at Drexel University are planning to print robotic dinosaurs that have been cast from real fossils, in an effort to better understand them. Kenneth Lacovara, a paleontologist, has combined forces with James Tangorra, a mechanical engineer, to learn more about dinosaur locomotion. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • Desktop 3D-Printed Warhammer 40K Mini-Figurines Look Awesome

    I’m always amazed at the stuff that people are able to do with 3D printers, especially now that makers are able to build their own and the technology isn’t just in the hands of the big corporations. These 3D printed mini-figurines are designed to play tabletop wargames, including Warhammer 40K. Read more @ Technabob