Justin Smith on the Internet

Great essay on the effect on the Internet by Justin E. Smith over at 3QD.

America & The Six Other Big Bad Countries In The World

Take a normal country like Canada or Portugal or Finland or Australia or Czechoslovakia or Thailand or Bhutan. They go about their business without the pretension of thinking themselves superior.

Yes! We’re all normal in Canada!

Russia of course is a special case. Essentially a nation of drunken thugs with a great literary tradition, they did the world the greatest service any nation has ever done the world by winning WW2 for us.

Before we get to their actual acts of assholedom, I would like to point out that the other 188 countries in the world are very different from them.

After the 20th century, in which Germany, France, Britain and Japan exhausted each other with their assholehoodlumness […]

That country is our country, America, now uncontestably the Supreme Asshole of the World.

If anything proves that we are the Supreme Asshole of the World, it’s how we reacted to 9/11.

The sooner America — and Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan and Israel — face up to the fact of our inherent assholentropy, based on our absurd belief that we are better than anyone else, the better.

Some great quotes from a 3QD article that I’m reading right now. Warning, this article might not be suitable for everyone.

Marathon Running

A great article on marathon running over at 3QD.

When the marathon began as an Olympic event in 1896, it was considered by many sports enthusiasts to border on cruel and unusual punishment of the human body.

Bands of Iron: Winning Science Essay on 3QD

Bands of Iron is the winning science essay from 3QD.

AI Discussed Over at 3QD

An interesting article that leads to an even more interesting discussing on AIs.