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EKOCYCLE Accessories Made out of Garbage

There is a lot of garbage in the world, which is probably why Coca-Cola and partnered up to create EKOCYCLE, an initiative that helps market gadgets, clothing and other products which use up to 100% plastic and aluminum waste as source material.

ekocycle 1

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Improve Your Commute: 5 Tech Accessories for Your Bike

102612_rg_UnexpectedBikeAccess_01.jpgThere are more and more people choosing to ride their bikes to work and using bikes as their main way of getting around. While your bike might not have all the ports that you have in your car, there are still plenty of accessories you can take with you on your daily commute to make life easier.

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Here’s How to Quickly Regain 10-20 GB of Free Space

112111_rg_KeepPCClean_01.jpgEver since we got a MacBook Pro, we’ve been a bit lax with the maintenance of our desktop PC. The computer is old and we know that we won’t keep it for much longer, but it still continues to function as our main home-based PC, so it makes sense to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

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Wooden Computer Accessories: A Greener Take on Tech

060311_rg_WoodenCompAcc_01.jpgThere’s something attractive about wood, especially when it comes to computer accessories. The stark contrast between the technological and the natural is appealing. While many accessories tend toward metal and minimalism, it’s nice to see some that wouldn’t look out of place in a log cabin. From DIY projects to new products that were just released, we’ve compiled our favorites right here!

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Logitech Tablet Accessories: Cases, Keyboards and… a Mouse?

Logitech has just announced a plethora of new tablet accessories. Of them all, the Logitech Keyboard Case is definitely the most interesting to me. As the name implies, it’s both a case and a keyboard for your iPad.


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Our Favorite Windows Peripherals for Desktop PCs

031111_rg_BestPCPeripherals_01.jpgIt’s true that we do enjoy our MacBooks, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love and use our PCs. In fact, there are a few of us here at Unplggd who use PCs daily for our work. Desktop PCs have the added advantage of being customizable and upgradeable, without too much of a fuss. Here are our favorite Windows peripherals that we just can’t live without.

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Sustainable Accessories From Nau


Nau is a well-known name for sustainable clothes, but we were happy to see that the 2011 Spring collection from Nau includes a few sustainable electronic accessories made from recycled polyester and wool that won’t look out of place anywhere.

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