gTar: The iGuitar You’ve Always Wanted

I use my iPhone quite a bit, and I know that many people use it to also create tunes. Now you can have a guitar which integrates an iPhone dock, and it’s fully powered by the phone, making it the ultimate iGuitar. I’m not sure, but it’s definitely an interesting idea.

gtar guitar kickstarter iphone

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Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio: A Slimmer iPad Keyboard Case

I have the original Logitech Keyboard Case at home, but I have to admit that it’s slightly too bulky to lug around everywhere. Logitech has upped the ante with their new Solar Keyboard Folio, which looks even thinner.

logitech solar keyboard case

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$249 Crux Loaded Case Turns Your iPad into a Netbook: Why?

While I can appreciate Logitech’s iPad case, which protects your tablet and has a smartly hidden keyboard, I have trouble considering the $249 Crux Loaded as a worthwhile alternative, since the iPad is already costly. Instead of doing this, you could simply just buy a MacBook Air and be done with it.

crux loaded case ipad 2 keyboard tablet transformer trackpad

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Elecom Keyboard & iPad Stand: Turn Your Tablet into a Desktop PC

It’s true that using a keyboard with your iPad works well, but in retrospect, doesn’t it just transform your tablet into a regular computer? Elecom doesn’t think so, and they’re about to release their keyboard and matching stand to fit your your iPad.

elecom japan stand keyboard ipad apple input

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Desk Phone

There are a few desktop handsets for your iPhone, but this one is quite minimal, which makes it more attractive than some of the others out there. I guess something like this makes sense if you’re using the iPhone as your main home phone.


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iBox Claims to Improve iPad sound – Why Bother?

The iBox is supposed to improve the paltry sounds that emanates from the tiny speaker in your favorite new toy, the iPad.

ibox etsy ipad stand dock speaker

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The iPad Arcade Accessory Becomes Reality

While this was posted as a joke for April’s Fools by ThinkGeek, it’s actually been turned into a functioning device by an enterprising modder. Granted, it’s made out of cardboard, but once he makes a more permanent case, it’s going to be quite popular.

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Skooba RAPS: Midway Between A Sleeve & A Skin

When you pack up your laptop in your bag, there’s always a chance of getting it scuffed up, no matter how careful you are even in laptop-specific bags. That’s one of the reasons why we really like these Skooba Raps. They work very well to package your laptop.

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NZXT’s Hades Is One Mean Looking Gaming PC Case

NZXT just released their new PC case today, which they want everyone one to call a chassis. It’s called the Hades and aimed at gamers.

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USB Seat Cushion Warmer Heats Your Behind

With temperatures quickly plummeting, you’ll be glad to heat up your behind with this USB seat cushion warmer.

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