Adafruit iNecklace: Open Source Jewelry

Check out the iNecklace, which is actually a piece of jewelry that you could replicate if you really want to, but you can also buy one if you’d rather not make one yourself. The unique part of this piece is that it pulsates, kind of like what the LEDs on a Mac do.

inecklace cnc aluminum led apple mac adafruit open source

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Intruderchron Space Invaders Clock: It’s Pixel Time!

Modder Dataman recently got his hands on Adafruit’s Monochron Pong Clock and massaged it into this cool Space Invaders clock – nicknamed the Intruderchron. Even though originally, the video game Space Invaders came out 6 years after Pong, the Space Invaders clock uses the same hardware as the Pong clock.

space invaders clock adafruit dataman timepieces retro

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