Kogeto’s Dot Panoramic iPhone Lens: i360 Degrees

Many people are using their iPhones as their go-to point-and-shoot camera. It’s normal then that we’ve seen a few different lens add-ons. Taking a slightly different design approach from the previously announced GoPano micro lens, the Dot lens is supposed to be able to snatch impressive 360-degree panoramic videos.

kogeto dot lens add-on panorama iphone ipod touch

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iFlash Supplements Paltry iPhone Flash

I know you love your iPhone, but the flash isn’t really very powerful. That’s why this iFlash add-on might do the trick to get a bit more pop in low light conditions. People are relying more and more on their iPhones for their digital imaging needs, so every little bit helps.

iflash iphone flash camera

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Silence of the Celebs Chrome Add-on Says Bye, Bye, Charlie… Farewell, Lindsay!

If you feel that your constantly deluged by news about celebrities, then this new browser add-on is for you. Silence of the Celebs is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to block and remove the headlines of certain celebs from news sites, such as CNN, The Huffington Post, and TMZ.

chrome add-on silence celebs google blocker celebrities

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Moody Keypad Puts Emoticons at Your Fingertips

In an effort to allow your grandma to finally grasp the concept of emoticons, Lavatelli will soon release the Emoticon Keypad. USB junk and/or crap-gadget? Yes, I do believe so.


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5 Great Ergonomic Add-Ons For Your Workstation

It’s true that most of us are spending more and more hours in front of the computer. This means that everyone needs to make sure that they aren’t straining themselves or hunching over while they type away. Luckily, most people use some kind of ergonomic device in their home office. However, we’ve spotted a few simple ones that will make your life better.

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sharp’s new 3d-hd camera for your phone: film your own low-budget avatar

3D is going to be everywhere this year, thanks to James Cameron’s Avatar. I recently read that even Mars would be filmed in 3D on those Pathfinder drones. Now, it looks like Sharp came up with a new and cute little add-on that will allow you to film 3D with your phone!

sharp 3d hd dongle module mobile device cell phone avatar nintendo  3ds

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