Father Hired In-Game Assassins to Save Son from Gaming Obsession

MMORPGs and other kinds of online games can take over your life, if you’re not careful. Just like most things, there’s something to be said about moderation. In order to save his son from his growing gaming addiction, a father in China decided to take matters into his virtual hands – hiring some online hitmen to go after his son’s character.

in game online hitmen

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Taking Time Outs From Social Apps to Be More Productive

120710_rg_StayingUnplggd_01.jpgWhile social networking is a great tool for many different reasons, it’s not always easy to be remain productive while you’ve got Facebook and Twitter running. We’ve found that constantly checking up on social networking feeds can actually be counterproductive. There are some easy ways to get around this in order to stay productive, especially when you spend time in front of a computer.

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Does Too Much Tech in the Home Hurt Health?

With all of the tech that we are exposed to daily, does any of it harm our personal health? From our experience, if you use tech too much, it will hurt you in some way or form. In our opinion, a judicious use of technology can actually improve your health, but anything that’s overused can become an addiction.

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Japan’s Cyber Homeless

Japan’s cyber homeless are people who have moved into cybercafés for good. They pay $500 a month and that’s all that they can afford. (via kottke)

NYT On Eve Online

Some say that the participants in an Eve Online summit are more prepared than for real international summits. All that it implies to me is MMORPG addiction. (via cf)

Blog Reading Becomes Habit

A study says that compulsive blog reading has become a habit, just like compulsive email checking.

9 Year Old Cheese Heroin Addicts

9 year old cheese heroin addicts on NPR. Cheese heroin is Mexican black-tar heroin that has been diluted with crushed tablets of over-the-counter sleep medication such as Tylenol PM. (via kottke)

WOW Addiction

You’re addicted to WOW when… your kids take a back seat to your WOW playing

Dangers Of The Internet Part III: World Of Warcraft Addictions

This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article is part of a series of articles entitled Dangers of The Internet. See the bottom of this article to see the first articles, consult the articles section or simply click here.

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