Africa’s Underwater Hotel The Manta Resort: Is That Captain Nemo out My Window?

I guess that if you’re not afraid of water, then underwater hotels can make for some fabulous sights. This new one will provide you with an amazing stay, thanks to being submerged more than 13 feet below the surface of the ocean.

manta resort africa underwater hotel designboom 620x387

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Geographically Close Neighbors Have Been Genetically Isolated for Thousands of Years


Hunter-gatherer and pastoralist tribes in sub-Saharan Africa, where humans are thought to have originated, even though linguistically close, belong to two different distinct genetic clusters.

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Ebola Outbreak in Uganda Tests Readiness


Since July 16th, 16 people have died in Uganda of an Ebola outbreak. Contrary to previous outbreaks, a laboratory in Entebbe, near Uganda’s capital Kampala helped deal with the situation and passed its first major test by taking a leading role in confirming and tracking the infection.

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Blind Golden Moles Have a Blue-Green Iridescent Sheen, a Rare Example in Mammals


Golden moles, mammals forming the family of Chrysochloridae, which taxonomically is distinct from true moles but to which they resemble due to species convergence, are a small, insectivorous family of burrowing mammals native to southern Africa. It was recently discovered that they have a blue green sheen to their coats, which is a rare example of iridescence in mammals.

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Humans Implicated in Africa’s Deforestation 3,000 Years Ago


A new study published in the journal Science suggests that humans might have played a significant part in the sudden deforestation of rainforests from Central Africa. This work contradicts the prevailing view that the expansion of farming practices was the root cause as well as the increased incidence of long, severe dry spells.

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Maurice Mbikayi’s Keyboard Anatomy

Check out these freaky keyboard creations by Maurice Mbikayi. He uses the keyboards to represent various parts of the human form, but I personally like the look of the keyboard skulls the best.

keyboard skulls maurice mbikayi art mixed media

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Irritated Penis on FMyLife

Today, I learned that because of my new medication, I can either prevent malaria, or have a male yeast infection. I’m stuck in Africa for the next two months, and have to sit down to pee because I don’t want to irritate my penis by touching it. FML


Uganda Confirms 113 Ebola Hemorragic Fever Cases

Uganda confirms 113 Ebola hemorrhagic fever cases.

ThePirateBay Moves Servers To Egypt

ThePirateBay has moved their torrent indexing servers to Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and Israel due to impeding EU legislation that came into effect today. (smells like an April Fools’ Day to me)

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, a slideshow from the NY Times.